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There was a lot of us engaged in Ultima Online

World of Warcraft World goes to World of Warcraft of WoTLK Gold created an expansion called Beyond the Dark Portal, in 1996. However, it wasn't until the year 2002 that Blizzard released its highly-anticipated sequel, World of Warcraft. It was named the P2Pah's PC Game of the Year in 2002. World of Warcraft was the very first installment of the series that was helmed by World of Warcraft, who made a name for himself at Blizzard on the creator's highly acclaimed Sci-Fi RTS game series Starcraft. World of Warcraft noted that the pivotal moment in the franchise's journey into the MMORPG world came at the time of World of Warcraft development.

"After we completed Starcraft and split into two teams of development. One team went off to create what eventually become World of Warcraft, and another team decided to create an experience that lasted for more than a year before we decided that it did not have the potential to become something we believed would be of Blizzard quality. Then, we thought contemplating what we could make instead and that's when the idea for World of Warcraft emerged."

"During Starcraft development, there was a lot of us engaged in Ultima Online. There were many of us who recognized it as being a good genre. It was certainly in the midst of World of Warcraft development that we all began playing EverQuest. It was in that EverQuest time period that we realized that Ultima Online wasn't a fluke and was likely to develop into a full-fledged subgenre WoTLK Classic Gold. We saw the amazing aspects of that genre and felt that we could make our own unique spin on it."

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