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Posted 08/05/2022

Thin brick veneer in the interior - where and how

Thin brick veneer in the interior - where and how

In modern interior design, various wall cladding materials are particularly popular. And one of the most popular among them is thin brick veneer. It allows, if desired, to easily bring the spirit of industrial roughness, rural simplicity or even the austerity of a castle into any room - only with the right choice of the appropriate texture and color. 

Let's briefly explain what thin brick veneer is for those who don't know. It is a relatively thin layer of brick, designed for easy installation on various types of walls. It can be made of thinly cut real bricks or manufactured from artificial materials or a combination of artificial materials and brick particles. Production technologies are many and different - ceramics, acrylic, gypsum, concrete, clinker, etc. What they all have in common is that, unlike solid brick, these products are much lighter and easier to install without requiring specialized masonry skills. 

Particularly light and easy to install is the artificial thin brick veneer, which also comes in a wide variety of colors and textures and resembles different types of masonry. This, in turn, provides virtually endless options for architects, builders, interior designers and homeowners. As for the texture, these products usually realistically imitates real brickwork. Decorative finishing can be installed on cement, real brick, plasterboard, concrete and other surfaces. Brick creates contrasting transitions between surfaces, furniture and textiles, which is very popular in modern interior design.

Before you start decorating the interior walls with bricks, you need to carefully consider the overall appearance of the interior of the room and then choose the appropriate product. It is good to keep in mind, for example, that dark colors are not suitable for small and narrow rooms, as they will make them very gloomy. In such rooms, it is also good for bricks to be an accent to be combined with other options such as plaster or wallpaper. White or gray brick, on the contrary, will give the room an interesting design and freshness. The antique brick veneer, for example, looks especially beautiful. 

Thanks to the easy installation, thin brick veneer can be used not only for entire walls and flat surfaces, but also for highlighting individual architectural elements such as arches, windows, doors, etc. 

Thin brick veneer can be used in virtually any room in the home: 

Living room
The exposed brick wall is used especially often in these rooms - as a background for the TV, as a background to highlight various works of art, etc. Brick veneer can also be used for fireplace facing, around arches and windows. 

Kitchen or dining room
In these rooms, brick cladding usually has not only aesthetic, but also practical functions. Especially in cases where the brick is used near the sink and cooking appliances, it is good to use products with a smooth surface without pores. Here, brick veneer can be used not only for entire interior walls, but also for kitchen aprons, backsplashes and other accents. It is preferable to choose light colors. 

For the interior design of the bedroom, which should create an atmosphere of romance and privacy, you need to choose light colors of brick. Appropriate lighting will further highlight the texture of thin brick veneer. 

In addition to the appearance, when choosing products, attention should be paid to other main features: 

  • Are they suitable for installation in rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens or only in relatively dry rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms? 

  • Are they strong and durable enough to be installed in busy areas such as an entrance hall or are they flimsier and only suitable for small accents in more inaccessible areas?

  • Do they require more special wall preparation or can they be easily mounted on any base? 

  • Are they environmentally friendly and safe or do they have some harmful ingredients?

Among the main advantages of the various thin brick veneer products are: 

  • Easy installation

  • Durability

  • Wear resistance

  • Eco-friendliness and safety

  • Sound insulation

  • Fire resistance

  • Rich palette of types, colors, textures and shapes

At the same time, thin brick veneer has no particular disadvantages. So, with the right selection of products and their successful combination with the interior style of the house, you can relatively easily and quickly add eye-catching interior brick walls, interesting accents, reface your old fireplace and generally change the interior for good at an affordable price. If you have the desire and some free time, thanks to the easy installation, you can even do it with your own hands without having to hire and organize contractors, special machines, tools and the like.  

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