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Posted 02/07/2023 by Marmm Klinik

Things You Must Know About Hair Transplant

Things You Must Know About Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a universal problem. It removes hair follicles from the scalp of both men and women. Temporary hair loss is generally treated with the help of an improved lifestyle, medicines, and hair products but permanent hair loss has a different story. Permanent hair loss or genetic baldness removes hair follicles forever. Generally, hair loss doctors treat permanent baldness with the help of hair transplant Indore.

In this effective treatment, the surgeon removes healthy hairs from the back and sides and transplants these hairs into the bald scalp. According to hair loss experts, these hairs are baldness resistant. Therefore, they will grow in the transplanted area for a long time to make the surgery successful. 

Many hair loss patients are interested in hair transplant surgery but they are confused because of various inauthentic sources of information. 

In this blog, we will talk about common things about hair transplant surgery that you need to know before the treatment. 

Let us start! 

Hair has to be baldness resistant:

A specific area of the scalp grows baldness-resistant hair. This region of the scalp includes the back and both sides. Experienced and skilled surgeons remove hair follicles from the same areas. If they are failed to recognize the correct area, hair grafts will die after the surgery. Therefore, it is mandatory that you choose the top hair doctor in Indore to get favorable results after the treatment. 

You have to prove your candidacy:

You will get good results after the surgery if you are a suitable candidate. First of all, hair transplant surgery is suitable for only permanent baldness or genetic hair loss. Moreover, your surgeon will treat you only if you come to the clinic with realistic expectations. The good health condition of the patient is also a necessary condition for hair transplant surgery. 

Patients may experience hair shedding after the surgery

It is possible that hair falls temporarily after the treatment. Hair follicular units are safe inside the skin during this condition. Therefore, hairs grow again with optimum strength and thickness. Therefore, you have nothing to worry if you experience this condition after the treatment. Hair may shed permanently if you have not chosen a skilled and qualified surgeon for the surgery. 

You would experience immediate results:

The recovery period after the surgery is not quite long. Side effects like swelling, mild pain, and itching will go away soon after the treatment. With some precautions, you will be able to perform most daily activities. However, hair growth will take place steadily in the treated area. 

Therefore, you must have patience after getting the treatment. Follow the instructions given by the surgeon to ensure proper results. 

You need to choose a trained surgeon:

If you want optimum results after a hair transplant in Indoreyou have to choose a qualified doctor. Every doctor is not able to perform hair transplant surgery. A doctor needs a specialized degree in hair restoration and considerable experience to treat hair loss patients. So, be careful and choose only a reliable doctor.

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