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This could possibly be one of the most hilarious gaming stories

In addition to the procedural dungeons it's the replayable quests that make Diablo an enjoyable experience. With demons from and the Burning Hells nowhere near extinction in spite of the defeat of Primordial Evils In Diablo 2, it's up to a new set of warriors in Diablo Immortal to buy Diablo IV Gold defend the world of Sanctuary. And for those who completed the Diablo game's story up to this point, the job isn't exactly accomplished considering the vast amount of replayable items players can constantly farm to become stronger.

This could possibly be one of the most hilarious gaming stories I've ever heard and is a wonderful chef's kiss moment for the gacha/p2w business, utilizing one of its most notorious offenders, Diablo Immortal.

While it's been calculated that it could take upwards of $100,000 to every character in Diablo Immortal by gambling on and leveling high rarity gems, few people actually did spend this amount. Well, at least someone did, but now the player appears to have invested an enormous amount of effort to make his character as strong as it is possible to make, that the game's PvP matchmaking system has been unable to identify anyone to play against.

This happened to Jtisallbusiness who paid $100,000 to boost his Barbarian as much as was possible However, he did end with winning numerous games and the game just...stopped even with him due to his insane MMR and he has said that he'll be waiting for anywhere from 48 or 72 hours waiting for an opportunity to play. He uploaded the video below asking whether he should take the initiative to request some sort of refund on his $100K balance since this particular part of the game hasn't performed for him, effectively. The account has 1.5K likes and 15,000 dislikes, as the player isn't finding an audience to support him:

There's a chance that a solution to this is on the horizon due to the fact that Blizzard has commented on the issue that some players have difficulty finding matches in Battleground PvP In the course of an entire month, Jitsallbusiness stated that Blizzard finally did respond to him on the issue. It's unclear what happens if they start making him play again with such a good character and whether it's likely that he'll lose the amount of money he's spent. The commenters on the site said that when this event was taking place Diablo IV Gold the situation could be what happens whenever you "win" on a pay-to-win basis.

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