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This isn't the only time in recent history

Blizzard says that the fix is an one-time fix, but it will be keeping an eye on any other areas within the game in which the new motion-disabling feature could be useful. The decision was made as Blizzard is looking at adding Grimrail Depot as a part of the forthcoming wotlk classic Season 4, which includes dungeons that were previously part of expansions in the season-long Mythic+ dungeon lineup. Fans are able to vote on which of two Warlords in Draenor dungeons are part of Season 4 in addition to Grimrail Depot currently is among the leading contenders which received 40% votes.

This isn't the only time in recent history that Blizzard has introduced new accessibility features. WoW was able to enjoy a variety of accessibility improvements in the past year, when Blizzard introduced speech-to text transcription, text-to speech transcription and text chat narration as well as new control options for light and contrast options. Blizzard also added control options for WoW in the year 2020, in order to improve accessibility.

In addition to the new accessibility feature that disables motion Patch 9.2.5 will also add cross-faction support for WoW in the very first instance which will allow Horde players as well as Alliance players to join forces for groups of content such as dungeons and raids. Blizzard will announce the WoW's most recent expansion by April 19th.

WoW wotlk classic Datamine Unveils What's Coming Up For Sylvanas

Since players took on Sylvanas in the final battle within World of Warcraft wotlk classic wotlk classic, they've been wondering what will happen to the character. Sylvanas was essentially a traitor to the entirety of Azeroth as well as her own faction to serve the Jailer. Today, due to the data mining that will be used in the forthcoming story epilogue, the fans are aware of Sylvanas destiny.

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