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This Serenade of Love is only used to improve rapport with certain NPCs

It is a rare item. Song of Starlight is only used to increase rapport with Lost Ark Gold some NPCs.Most songs in Lost Ark are quest rewards or automatically gifted to players for meeting certain milestones. However, the Song of Starlight is sold by the NPC Favreau on Starlight Isle. Players need to hand over three hundred and thirty-three Gienah's Coins (which can be obtained primarily through co-op quests).

Lost Ark: Where to Find the Serenade of Love

This Serenade of Love is only used to improve rapport with certain NPCs.This track is the reward to the mission "Relationship Guru" that begins on the islands of Liebeheim. The mission entails talking to the NPC and sending love letters. After completing this simple task players are awarded their Serenade of Love.

Lost Ark Reveals Roadmap for June and July

Lost Ark continues to be hugely popular since its launch in February. The free-to-play MMO has been releasing games previously released for the Lost Ark's Korean servers at a frantic pace to sustain its substantial player base at the time of its launch. In the latest update by the localization team of Lost Ark, the developers spoke about going to South Korea and confirming the map for the upcoming two months. It's no surprise that Lost Ark players have a lot to look forward too during June and July.To begin with, players will be thrilled to learn that for the remainder of 2022, a new Lost Ark Advanced Class is scheduled to be released at least every 2 months. The first class is the Arcanist, which is a Mage Advanced Class built around throwing magical cards, which is scheduled to be released in July. An exact schedule past the Arcanist hasn't been established but it is in the process. The only thing we can say at present is the fact that there's currently 21 Advanced Classes buy Lost Ark Gold  across South Korea that will be delivered over the next several years. It is likely that there will be more to be added in the near future.

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