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This worked for me massively on the TPC

This worked for me massively on the TPC launch WoTLK Gold was only two people running around Hellfire in reality, it was pretty empty. I was grinding, a solid one jewel grinding or what technically it was, I was also not competing in killing enemies. They move thinking well what's the point of me be a lazy slacker, like standing around doing nothing or awaiting to be in a better layer?

The best thing you could do is prep your quest and you can complete certain quests now getting ready to turn them in. Run around outland and complete them once you've taken advantage of an offer and you should be on a better layer to level up on your own. Here's a selection of guides Nova top 25 quests have been submitted. One that's not really great for death knights to be honest. There's better options there's more for those who have literally every single TBC quest turned in. If you're a subscriber to the channel, look it up.

My members haven't got a massive amount of money, which will earn the player 1.7 million XP however it's probably too early to finish all the steps of that guide. But, very shortly next week. basically the method that I'm using that is much faster and I still think that most people have enough sufficient time to follow it.

So keep an eye on the VAT guide coming buy WoTLK Gold very soon. This is my final suggestion should you be in frost, you'll need to actually immediately get off your computer and book an appointment with a doctor to check whether you have any brain injury or damage because Frost is a spec. At the close of the video, my name Matt take a gander at my next post. Ciao.

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