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Posted 11/29/2022 by Think Electrical

Tips on Choosing the Right Security Camera for Installation in Sydney

Tips on Choosing the Right Security Camera for Installation in Sydney

If you’re looking into the type of security camera installation to pick in Sydney, we go over several points to keep in mind before purchasing one particular system over another. CCTV installation costs in Sydney will typically be $100 – $300 for residential, real estate, or strata, and start from $300 for commercial installations. The cost will depend on the following factors:


There are many factors that need to be considered to arrive at a security camera’s installation cost. Among these are whether the security system is using analogue or IP cameras, a DVR or NVR recorder, where the recorder will be kept, the distance between the cameras and the recorder, the home or business’s construction, etc. 

Digital or Analogue

There are two types of cameras that you can select from: analogue and digital (or IP). The digital type is usually $100 more than its analogue counterpart. If you want good image quality and want fewer connections to deal with (one connection for both network communication and power, instead of two separate ones), then it’s best to select a digital or IP camera over an analogue one.

Infrared or Starlight

Before agreeing to one particular CCTV camera installation, here are a few things to keep in mind. Low light technology comes in two types: infrared and Starlight. The former is less expensive than the latter; however, the latter uses natural light to produce or form coloured images rather than IR light. 
Another advantage of using a Starlight camera is that it uses far less energy and thus is more cost-effective than an IR camera. If you’ve chosen a Starlight camera installation, there are several different low light categories corresponding to different light level intensities or illuminance (lux) you can choose from according to your needs. The cost of a Starlight camera will depend on the amount of illuminance you require.

How many cameras does your security system need?

The more cameras you require to cover potential blind spots, the greater the cabling cost. If you need both low-resolution security cameras (for nighttime) as well as high-resolution ones (for the daytime), this will increase the cost, as well.


It’s better to do your research with respect to the type of security system you desire, which brands are offering it, how much each brand is selling it for, and whether the security system is worth that price (reliability plays a major part here). 


It’s more common for 6 MP – 8 MP cameras to be used for commercial spaces, and lower resolution cameras (2 MP – 5 MP) to be used for residential, real estate, or strata purposes. High-resolution cameras are a two-edged sword: on the one hand, the detail and greater zooming capabilities are suitable for commercial space use, but on the other hand, high-resolution cameras don’t have good night vision capabilities. You may have to buy two different security systems, one that’s easy on the eyes for daytime and another that’s easily viewable as nighttime security.  

Fixed lens or varifocal

Most residential CCTV camera installations are of the fixed lens kind, but a disadvantage with this is that its field of view is unadjustable. A fixed lens camera is less expensive than one that’s a varifocal lens kind. Varifocal lens security cameras are by and large used in commercial spaces and come in manual and motorised lens options.


DVR or NVR Recorder costFor a basic security system, a DVR or NVR recorder costs $300 or above. A DVR has analogue cameras whereas NVR recorders have digital or IR cameras. In general, the more advanced the security system, the more expensive it is. 

Installation costs

Although a DVR recorder is less expensive, it’s more costly to install as cables are required to connect each analog camera and the recorder. 

Number of channels

Each channel means another camera that the recorder can support. The more channels the recorder has, the more expensive the security system. For example, a 16-channel security system has 16 ports to which each camera can be connected. This means a large amount of cable has to be used to connect each camera to the recorder. 
If you’re using an NVR security system, it can connect to more cameras than the number of ports available on its recorder due to its Power over Internet (PoE) capabilities.


Storing the recordings has a cost associated with it, too, taking into account whether it’s for a domestic or commercial space, the hard drive required, the quality of the video recording, as well as the bandwidth. Note that the better the camera’s video quality, the greater the storage space and bandwidth requirements.  

Supported analytics

DVRs have less complicated analytics than NVRs and so brands can offer a standard set of features for all the cameras across the board. The latter usually have more advanced analytics, for example, Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) than DVRs do, but a disadvantage is that sophisticated analytics require more processing time. There are brands that offer a wide range of analytics with varying features and thus at different prices.
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