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Posted 06/07/2023 by WebMaxy

Top 10 eCommerce books every marketer should read

Top 10 eCommerce books every marketer should read

No matter if you’re starting your eCommerce business now or started it years ago, the scope of growth is endless. Learning and implementing new techniques can help you to take your business to the next level. To enhance your knowledge of eCommerce you can use podcasts, videos, blogs, webinars, and even read the best eCommerce books

Well, reading all the books on eCommerce is not something we recommend. You can just put your hand on the top ebusiness books and get the extract of the best information out there. Here, in this blog, we will tell you about the best books on eCommerce that you must read. 

10 Best eCommerce books for beginners 

If you’ve just started your online business, then there’s a lot you can do. You need to find the best ways to put your brand out there to increase conversions. No worries, we got you covered with these best books for eCommerce

1. eCommerce marketing: How to get traffic that buys to your website


By Chloe Thomas 

For an eCommerce business, it’s vital you market it appropriately to reach your target audience. From this eCommerce book, you can learn how to improve your marketing by spending your marketing budget on the right channels. This marketing handbook can help you solve all your future marketing challenges. It includes 10 specific eCommerce marketing methods explained and a complete guide to the customer masterplan model. 
This one of the best eCommerce books can help you remove all the smoke and mirrors around eCommerce marketing. You can learn and understand the practical and achievable actions that deliver results. The author Chloe is also the host of the popular eCommerce Masterplan podcast.

2. Ultimate guide to eCommerce growth: 7 Unexpected KPIs to scale an eCommerce shop to £10 million plus


By Ian Hammersley and Mark Hammersley 

The main aim of marketers is to convince customers to add products to their cart and take the final step of the purchase. This seems simple but it’s hard to do in practice. As per the statistics the conversion rates range between 1-4%. So where do 96% of the visitors go? This book can help you to unveil the secrets of eCommerce growth. 

This book was written by two brothers Ian and Mark Hammersley with the making time period of ten years. From this, you can understand how much in-depth information you can get from this eCommerce book. It provides a simple roadmap for setting up a successful eCommerce store. Additionally, you’ll learn the 7 KPIs you must measure to track your business growth. 

3. Digital business and eCommerce management


By Dave Chaffey 

This one of the best eCommerce books offers the knowledge and skills you need to run and manage a digital business. You can learn the right strategies and tactics that you can implement to make your digital business successful. Know when and where to make investments in digital technology, media, and sources. 
This eCommerce book is written in an engaging and informative style, making it perfect for even students in digital business and eCommerce. You’ll learn the structured approach to plan and implement a digital business strategy for distinct types of organizations. Read this book to know the latest digital marketing techniques in content marketing, SEO, and social media platforms.

4. Building a StoryBrand: Clarify your message so customers will listen


By Donald Miller

Storytelling is one of the best ways to make a long-lasting impact on customers. To build an eCommerce brand it’s important to attract the right customers and drive sales. Most often marketers and business owners struggle to create a connection with their potential customers and drive them to take action. It’s difficult to cut through the chaos and reach customers. This book can guide you on how to communicate effectively with your customers. 

Learn how you can create clear and distinct messages that are understandable by customers. In this eCommerce book, Donald Miller has shared a proven system that can help you engage and truly influence customers. This one of the best eCommerce books can teach you the seven universal story points to whom all humans respond. 

5. eCommerce evolved: The essential playbook to build, grow & scale a successful eCommerce business


By Tanner Larsson 

Ecommerce Evolved is one of the top eCommerce books for beginners. This eCommerce book can educate readers about simple and proven formulas to help build, grow, and scale an eCommerce business today. In the first half of this book, the author has provided 12 principles of eCommerce that have been developed after working with 10,000 distinct businesses. 

Part 1 of this book is called Evolved Strategy which explains how eCommerce businesses work. Part 2 is Evolved Intelligence which discusses the most underutilized aspect of eCommerce businesses. From part 3 which is Evolved Marketing, you can learn how to leverage your business data to create systematic and highly automated marketing campaigns that provide massive return on investment. 

Best eCommerce books for advanced online marketers 

If it’s been years since you started your online business, then the below-mentioned advanced e-commerce books are for you.

6. The finance book: Understand the numbers even if you’re not a finance professional 


By Stuart Warner, Si Hussain 

This best eCommerce book is a quick and easy-to-use guide that can help you understand financial concepts without any previous knowledge. It can “tell you what you need to know” to quickly “get up to speed” in core finance concepts. It is among the top eCommerce business books as it’s specially written for non-finance people who want to work in business. 

If you’re not an avid reader, then The Finance Book is best for you as you can read any chapter as per your interest. You don’t need to read this book end to end as each chapter is written as a “standalone” topic. It can help professionals to build a financial mind and make the right financial decisions. 

7. Profit first for eCommerce sellers: Transform your eCommerce business from a cash-eating monster to a money-making machine


By Cyndi Thomason 

Profit First is one of the best books on e-commerce as it focuses on the critical aspects of an eCommerce business. It can help readers gain knowledge on managing inventory, relying on debt, understanding financial data, and maintaining focus. In this book, the author has taken the core concepts of the Profit First methodology and customized them to deal with the specific needs of the eCommerce business.
By reading this eCommerce book, you can learn how to deal with the major struggles of an eCommerce business. This book provides you with clear and actionable guidance on how to overcome challenges and make your eCommerce business permanently profitable. Read this book if you’re an online seller who aims to gain eCommerce prosperity. 

8. In the plex: How google thinks, works, and shapes our lives


By Steven Levy 

As you know, Google has transformed our lives in the last few years. Google has changed the way we think about the internet. This is one of the best eCommerce books that can help you understand how Google thinks and works. Also, you’ll get in-depth information about the founders of Google, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin, and how they developed an organization like Google. 

This revelatory book will take you inside the Google headquarters. You’ll get to know how Google was able to expand dramatically and take transformative projects, more efficient data centers, cloud computing, and experimentation. You’ll learn about the controversies Google had and how it dealt with them. Google is a great example for professionals to learn from for its business strategies, conquering challenges, and risk-taking. 

9. Automate and grow: A blueprint for startups, small and medium businesses to automate marketing, sales and customer support


By Michael Devellano

For an eCommerce business, handling and managing marketing, sales, and customer support tasks is an everyday deal. This one of the best books about eCommerce tells you about how you can unleash your eCommerce business growth with automation. No matter what type of online business you’ve, most online businesses struggle because of limited resources. 

By implementing automation, you can ensure that your teams don’t have to waste time doing repetitive tasks. You can automate tedious and time-consuming tasks and put your focus on high-value activities. This best eCommerce book, Automate & Grow can teach you how you can effectively scale your business by taking up automation for your marketing, sales, and customer support efforts. 

10. The new rules of marketing and PR


By David Meerman Scott 

This is one of the top eCommerce books that offers a step-by-step action plan for utilizing modern marketing and PR. Learn how to communicate with customers, increase visibility and boost sales. You can understand how to leverage web-based content to put the right information in front of the right people at the right time. 

With real-world content marketing and inbound marketing success examples, get a practical guide for reaching your potential buyers. This e-commerce book is ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, digital marketing executives, and those working in the marketing and PR departments. 

Best eCommerce books: The conclusion 

You can set your eCommerce business for success by implementing the right strategies and tactics. It doesn’t matter if you have just started your online business or doing it for years, making constant improvements is a must. By reading the best eCommerce books, you can enhance your knowledge and put forth the right efforts for business growth. 

Apart from reading the top eCommerce books, you can use an e-commerce management platform like Webmaxy eGrowth to scale your business. This tool comes with a wide range of features like a KPI dashboard, conversion dashboard, marketing insights, marketing automation, audience segmentation, social campaigns, email campaigns, Whatsapp marketing, customer loyalty, help desk, and retargeting. 

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