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Posted 04/18/2023 by Melbourne Star Movers

Top 10 Ways to Move Large Furniture

Top 10 Ways to Move Large Furniture

Heavy furniture can be difficult to move even when only rearranging a room and it will be far more difficult when moving it from one house to another. That's why we've compiled a list of 10 best recommendations to make moving heavy furniture a snap this year.

  1. Plan Ahead of Time : That way, you'll only have to move it twice: from the old house to the vehicle, and then from the van to the new house. If you don't plan ahead of time, it's much more possible that the piece of furniture will need to be moved several times while you figure out where it'll look best. 

  1. Dismantle Stuff as Much as Possible : If you can remove sections of your furniture, especially awkwardly shaped pieces that protrude from the furniture, it's a good idea to remove them and package them individually to make it easier to carry furniture through doors and rooms. 

  1. Protect Your Moving Furniture : It's critical to protect furniture during relocation by wrapping it in layers of bubble wrap, blankets, and packaging plastic film to prevent scratches and scuffs. 

  1. Carry goods with Caution : When transporting objects, it is critical to lift cautiously to avoid injuring the mover's back. Instead of bending at the waist, bend at the knees and rise with your back straight. Making it a two-man job, especially for larger items of furniture, is another way to improve carrying efficiency.

  1. Easily Navigate Doorways : It might be difficult to get goods through doorways, especially if they are huge or heavy. When it comes to chairs, it can be useful to 'hook' the chair through the doorway by curling it around the doorframe on its side, with the back going through the door first and the rest of the chair revolving round. Place larger things, such as sofas, on their ends and then proceed as with the chair.

  1. Use Lifting Straps : Lifting straps can be a tremendous help when lifting larger, heavier goods because they provide considerably more support to your back and shoulders, preventing you from taking the pressure. These also free up hands for manoeuvring.

  1. Try to Slide Furniture : If heavy furniture is difficult to lift up and move by hand, furniture sliders can make the job much easier. If you can't locate furniture sliders to buy, you can make your own out of rugs, towels, carpet cutoffs, plastic container lids, or Frisbees. Use soft sliders exclusively on hard surfaces and hard plastic sliders only on soft surfaces.

  1. Mattress Transfer : When relocating to a new home, there are two options for transferring beds. Trying to lug a heavy mattress down stairs or across rooms is no easy feat, but a mattress sling might make the work much easier for removalists - simply create one with rope and hook it along the long side of the mattress while keeping a steadying hand on top. For professional assistance, you can consult experts like residential local movers in Melbourne cbd, Australia.

  1. Procedure to Transport Uncomfortable Items : You may have a number of oddly shaped items in your home that you are dreading having to transfer when you move :

  • A heavy instrument, such as a piano, can be difficult to carry, but if the legs can be removed, they can fit through doors more easily. Upright pianos may often be pushed around the house; however grand pianos require professional assistance.

  • Full-length mirrors are more difficult to move since the chance of breaking is much higher than with a smaller mirror, which can simply be wrapped and packed. It's frequently advisable to wrap and transport a larger mirror in its own unique padded box to accommodate it.

  • With the ever-changing technology of televisions, it is getting increasingly difficult to box them for relocation. Boxes are frequently insufficiently large to handle greater width televisions, but if you can find one large enough, or put two together, you can pad the box with bedding and move it. You can also consult experts for furniture rebinding Melbourne cbd.

  • Kitchen equipment, particularly larger ones such as refrigerators and ovens, are the pinnacle of heavy furniture. The most important thing to remember when relocating them is to turn off all gas and electricity. Before lifting or moving these appliances, make sure they are also empty and clean.

  1. Make Use of Ramps : If your property has stairs, chances are you'll need to move some items down from the higher levels or down the stairs in front of your property. A ramp is the greatest option for this. Whether you have professional metal ramps or can just use cardboard for smaller items, moving your furniture from home to van will be lot easier.

In conclusion, heavy furniture can be difficult to move even when only rearranging a room and it will be far more difficult when moving it from one house to another. For professional assistance, you can consult experts like residential local movers in Melbourne cbd.

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