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Posted 07/20/2023 by Sphinx Solutions

Top 6 iPhone App Development Proactive Measures for The App Store

Top 6 iPhone App Development Proactive Measures for The App Store

Most apps developed and released on Apple App Store are rejected by the Apple. With over 2 million available apps on the App Store, you have to be proactive to make your iPhone app development the best one. Apple is highly dedicated to user experience and functionality so, they put a rigorous review process for approving apps to the App Store. Unfortunately, some apps do get rejected from the initial step.

About 16% of the apps never make it to the App Store for public downloading

So, it is crucial for you and your iPhone app development team to understand Apple’s approval process.

To help your iPhone app take the best position on the app store, we have created this list of the top points (to avoid) which leads to rejection of the iOS app.

  1. Privacy policy

Apple App Store has a strict privacy policy requirement for all the apps.

  • Your app must not use any user information without the permission of the end user.
  • User details must never be tracked down to specify such as devices and accounts.
  • You’ve to add your privacy policy link to the App Store content
  1. Copying another app

This is a horrible act which can knock out any amazing iOS app from the App Store. If an application is a duplicate of another app or clearly similar to another app design, cannot be welcome by Apple. Apple App Store prefers original and unique design and content rather than remodeling the existing apps. To avoid any rejection, you must consider this point.

  1. Unfinished and full of bugs

Apple puts your app through multiple testing to test the completeness along with the performance, logic flaws, and crashes. App Store rejects any incomplete app bundles and binaries that show any technical issue. So, basically, an unfinished app that crashes and again gets a thumb down from entering the App Store.  

  1. Long loading time

As per Apple’s norms, if your iPhone app takes longer than 15 seconds to load during the review process, then it is not up to the standard. Your app basic functionality and feature must load quickly in order to stay live on the App Store. You need to make the app’s basic functionality ready for user interaction in around 15 seconds.

  1. Improper use of intellectual property

Make sure your app display and holds content that is original or that you have permission to use. Apple will eliminate your app if you used any content without a license, this includes trademarks and logos. Well, it means someone else’s app will also be removed if they’ve used your work without permission.  

  1. Payments system

If Apple finds your payment system is linked with outside its App Store they will straight away ban your app. Whether it’s for onetime purchase or subscriptions, to ensure a secure transaction, you must go through the official Apple in-app purchasing account.

To summarize

Being one of the premier brands, Apple has valid reasons behind app repudiation from the App Store. To avoid any bad experience, you must thoroughly test your iOS app before submitting to the app store. Also, while submitting your app don’t skip the required information like app description, categories, keywords, screenshots, etc. which will optimize the page. Keeping in mind, their guidelines you should ask your iPhone app developers to invest more time in making your app flawless.

For any help regarding iOS app development, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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