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Posted 03/27/2023 by BPCL

Top Crude Oil Processing Companies in India

Top Crude Oil Processing Companies in India

Crude oil plays a very important part in the economy of any 

country. Since crude was first discovered in 1858 and refined in 

1859, the dependence on petroleum can be seen everywhere. We

require gasoline or petrol for powering everything from small 

mopeds to large aircraft, battle tanks to intercontinental ships. 

Even at homes, people use kerosene to power stoves and lamps.

Additionally, crude oil derivatives such as petroleum jelly and 

others are used to make cosmetics, hair and skincare lotions and 

creams as well as some medical preparations. Paints and lots of 

other products that we use daily are made from materials or 

byproducts found by processing crude oil.

The Indian economy depends heavily on crude oil and its 

processing. In fact, India is the fourth largest refiner of crude oil 

and ranks only behind the US, Russia and China. Refineries in 

India have a combined capacity to process some 248.9Million 

Metric Tons Per Annum. This volume is fairly sufficient to meet 

domestic demands as well as for some exports.

The oil and gas sector in India also contributes some eight 

percent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of India and 

provides formal and informal employment to over two million 

people in the country.

Surely, you would be awestruck by these figures. Therefore, it’s 

also worth knowing which are the top crude oil processing 

companies in India because they’re also some of the largest 

players in the energy sector in the world.

Top Crude Oil Processers in India

India has come a long way since crude oil was first discovered in 

this country in Assam in 1889 near Digboi and refining began a 

year later. In those days, crude oil processing was largely the 

monopoly of British companies and a few other foreign players. 

The petroleum sector was mainly in the hands of foreign 

companies even after independence in 1947, with only a couple 

of Indian government organizations operating in the sector.

However, the scenario changed in 1991 following the 

liberalization of the petroleum and energy sectors by the Indian 

government. This paved way for several state-owned and private 

players to emerge in the crude oil processing sector.

Here’s a list of the topmost companies that process crude oil in 

India. They process both imported crude oil as well as the one 

from Indian oil wells.

Reliance Industries Ltd

Reliance Industries Ltd operates the largest crude oil processing 

refinery in Jamnagar in Gujarat. In fact, RIL’s Jamnagar refinery is 

the largest in the world and has a capacity to process some 

1.24Million Barrels Per Day. This is a private sector refinery in 


Nayara Energy Ltd

The Vadinar Refinery owned by private sector company, Nayara 

Energy Ltd, is said to be the second largest crude oil processor in 

the country. It has a capacity to process some 20Million Tons Per 

Day of crude oil from Indian and foreign sources. This refinery is 

also located in the Gujarat state of India.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd

The Kochi refinery of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd is the third

largest processor of crude oil in India. It is the largest crude oil 

refinery owned by any public sector company in India and has a 

capacity to process some 15.5Million Tons Per Annum. It is also 

the largest crude oil refinery in South India.

Closing Thoughts

In addition to these top three refineries, there’re some 20 more 

crude oil processing units in India. These are located in various 

states and owned by the private sector or Indian government 

enterprises. Indian government companies include Oil India Ltd, 

Oil and Natural Gas Commission, Hindustan Petroleum Ltd and 

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, and subsidiaries.

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