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Posted 12/06/2022 by Primafelicitas

Top Myths Uncovered About NFT

Top Myths Uncovered About NFT

The NFT is a widespread technology that is open to all crypto users. Any artist can create, purchase or even sell their NFT at different well-known NFT Marketplaces. There are various NFT Marketplaces available in the global marketplace; you can choose any of them based on your preferences. The market of NFT is immense, its decentralized platform, and accessible and trustworthy framework makes it a great option for digital assets in the global marketplace. Metaverse companies gain the benefits of NFTs to innovate their solution to the next level. This technology changed the infrastructure of the virtual world and rose to prominence in 2021.

The concept of NFT can be seen as revolutionary for the blockchain industry as it defined many new standards and ideas which resulted in offering many innovative solutions to make the specific industry more reliable and efficient. Many of us consider it as a reliable option to earn huge profits from our digital collection while others consider it as the major concern of fund loss. Nowadays, the NFT explosion in the global marketplace has reached worldwide as most of artists and investors prefer it to gain profits.

Kevin McCoy introduced the first-ever known NFT named Quantum in the year 2014. This NFT shapes the infrastructure of the global marketplace. You will be surprised to know that on 28 Nov 2021, one of a kind Quantum art piece sold for over $1.4 million in the auction of Sotheby. You can imagine Quantum as a pixelated image of an octagon that is made up of several circles, arcs, or other shapes and each of these shapes share a common center. In the quantum, the larger shapes surround the smaller ones and the view of the Quantum seems like a hypotonic shape where fluorescent hues are pulsing all over the shape.

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Top Myths Uncovered About NFT

The growth of NFT is slightly turning into myths and misinformation. Here, we covered these myths resolved around the NFT world.

NFTs are not Cryptocurrency

It is considered one of the biggest misconceptions reflected in the NFT industry which shows the tremendous impact on the growth of NFT. It means that the biggest myth of NFT is that it is a cryptocurrency. It should be noted that both these technologies are quite different from each other. If we talk about the major difference, cryptocurrencies are fungible items whereas the NFT is a non-fungible token.

NFTs are not a novelty with no value

Another misconception of NFT which reflects a huge impact on its growth is that it is a novelty holding no real value to its owner. Although NFTs have introduced a new buzz in the global marketplace, their concept is not too old as compared to digital art and exhibitions. If we talk about the differences between the two, the NFT can be seen as a reliable option for artists to monetize their art further whereas digital art is just a platform where you can upload your art efforts publicly.

NFTs are not a get-rich-quick scheme

Many of crypto users have the misconception that the NFT is a get-rich-quick scheme which means that it is not a quick process of making money. You need to be patient while you are investing anywhere. One point should be noted that it is not mandatory that you will earn profits from your investment, loss can also occur. Therefore, these points should be clear in mind that NFT is not a money-making technology where you will earn only profits without any involvement of risk. To get a clear idea about NFT, you need to research the market of NFT. It will help you to get knowledge about the fluctuations in the market which became the actual cause of the gain or loss that occurred in the investment.

NFTs are not easily accessible to everyone on the internet

Many of the users have tried to take a screenshot of the listed NFT from the NFT marketplace but you will definitely fail to perform it. The reason is that the NFT acquires the single ownership of the digital assets; no one has the authority to even copy your NFT. It shows the major aspects for the security of the specific NFT user. The reason behind this statement is that if a particular user will get successful to copy your NFT, they can easily transfer ownership to themselves and earn higher profits by selling the specific NFT.

The ownership of the NFT is stored on the blockchain network and it maintains the single ownership of the virtual assets.

NFTs are imaginary

It is also a common misconception from the user’s point of view which shows a huge impact on the growth of the NFT industry. Many users don't consider it a reliable platform for investment purposes. The misconception is that they see NFT as a technology that is illusive in nature. According to them, it doesn’t have the ability to exchange virtual currencies for physical money.

NFT are useless

The NFTs are useless is the most common myth that revolves around the NFT industry. Although NFT is a promising technology that shows its presence globally, many users misunderstand the real essence of NFT. You can consider it a myth that shows a huge impact on the NFT standards set in the global marketplace. According to them, the NFT is a distrustful technology where a number of scams and threats are involved in its process.

NFT are helping money launderers

This is also a common myth spreading globally related to the NFT industry. Many of the users have a misunderstanding that the concept of NFT really changed the life of crooks and tax cheaters by the concept of money laundering.

It should be noted that the cash is much more crime-driven as compared to virtual currencies. As blockchain technology is transparent in nature which means that improper actions on the network can easily be traced. It is quite important for security concerns as a large number of funds are associated with the network.

Tracking of the wallet addresses and recovering the stolen funds is quite an easier task for the blockchain technology.

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