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Posted 12/15/2020

Travelling Philippines on a budget: 7 Money Saving Hacks!

Travelling Philippines on a budget: 7 Money Saving Hacks!

With the pandemic upon us, many of us have lost jobs and a steady source of income. But that should not stop you from exploring the world living and your life the way you’ve always wanted. If you are planning to go on a trip to the Philippines, but you do not have a lot of money to spare, check out these 7 smart money hacks to visit the Philippines on a budget.  


  1. Try out alternatives to hotel rooms 

Hotel rooms are comparatively cheaper these days because there isn't a lot of demand for them. However, the cost of staying at a hotel room will still be higher compared to staying at a friend’s house, or at homestead that will offer you both accommodation and meals for a very little amount of money. Check out all of these alternatives rather than focusing on booking a hotel room. Mobile phone applications such as CouchSurfing, Oyo and AirBnB Are also great alternatives that will help you save a lot of money rather than staying at a traditional hotel room.  


  1. Travel during off-season 

Do not travel during the peak vacation season. This is when all the accommodations are pre booked, and good places to have a meal start increasing their tariffs to make the best out of the peak footfall season. Consider traveling a little early before the peak vacation season starts, or after the vacation wave has gone by. Instead of visiting the most popular places, you can check for less popular beaches and locations in the Philippines well the weather and hospitality is just as fantastic as the popular destinations, but you can get it for a lot lesser cost.  


  1. Share the expenses 

Sharing the expenses is a smart idea that millennials are trying out these days to travel the world. Instead of heading out to the Philippines on your own, consider going on a motorcycle trip with a pillion rider come all with somebody who has his or her on motorcycle. That way you can share a lot of the combined expenses and have somebody to share your overall experiences as well. When you are travelling with a pillion rider, be considerate after fact that the pillion seat is not as comfortable as the rider’s seat, which means you will have to take frequent break at every 50-100 kilometres so that the pillion rider can straighten up his or her spine can prevent a nasty sprain! Since we're on the topic of motorcycles, it is important to avoid any brush with the local law enforcement officials because penalties and fines are unnecessary expenses that you need to avoid under all circumstances. To make sure that you do not end up wasting money on penalties, always follow the local laws and regulations, and always weather right motorcycle riding gear such as a branded motorcycle helmet, and other riding apparel such as boots, gloves and jackets - whatever is necessary.  


  1. Learn where to find cheap alternatives 

Everything has a cheaper alternative if you know where to look for it. Do not eat at places where other tourists go to eat. These places automatically have a higher tariff for even the simplest affair. Eat where the locals eat, this will not only help you save a lot of money but also gives you the opportunity to explore the local cuisine and ways of life. If you are planning to travel and explore the local hotspots within Philippines, leave the motorcycle at the hotel parking lot, and try out local modes of shared transportation, which will be a lot cheaper than fuel expenses of riding a motorcycle everywhere.  


  1. Work for money 

Check out the local job boards and forums and find out if there is anything that matches your requirements and skill levels. a short professional stint in the Philippines can generate enough money to support your stay in the Philippines. If a local job is out of the question, try out freelancing assignments which you can do from the convenience of your hotel room and still continue to earn money.  


  1. Cook your own meals 

eating out, even whether locals eat for ship, is still going to extensive in the long run. If you plan on staying in the Philippines for a period that is longer than a couple of days, consider cooking your own meals. For that you will have to find a place that allows the tenant to cook his or her own meals. you don't need an extensive gas connection to cooker meals, a couple of butane gas canisters and butane stove is enough to cook meals for a couple of people. In general, a simple 3-meal a day will consume one can of butane gas, or a little more. Butane gas canisters are easily available at all places across the Philippines, which is why it is one of the most fool proof ways of continuing to cook your meals irrespective of where you are.  


  1. Make internet calls (with free wi-fi) 

If you are planning to stay in the Philippines for more than a couple of days, consider getting a local SIM card, or even better make completely free phone calls to people everywhere in the world by using a free Wi-Fi connection that might be available at the hotel room, all at local cafeterias or other convenient public places. Mobile phone applications such as WhatsApp allows you to make phone calls and video calls internationally without paying a lot of money as long as you have a working Internet connection. You can get the Internet connection either by paying for the data charges yourself, or finding a free Wi-Fi connection.  

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