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Use Tyrande's owls to scout ahead

These furbolgs will help you if you help them.

Before you head off to wage war against the invaders, head south of your base camp to find a furbolg tribe who will tell you about their missing comrades. This will enable your secondary goal so that you can look for the furbolgs as you move about the map. Two of them are located just northwest of your base, near some extra archers who will join you. Two more furbolgs can be found south of the furbolg camp, across a stream.

Three more are being held captive by some raiders in the northwest portion of the map. Look for some patrolling gryphons there. Two more furbolgs are just west of here, in the extreme upper left corner of the map, guarded by some wyverns. Finally, the last two are located just outside the southern entrance to the enemy base. After you've gotten 10 furbolgs, head back to their camp and the shaman will send three of his warriors to help you in your fight.

Use Tyrande's owls to scout ahead.

While you're looking for furbolgs, leave some archers at your base, as the humans and orcs will take turns attacking. Position your archers near your moon wells, and set the wells' healing ability to auto-cast--this will make the archers almost impossible to kill. After you've picked up the furbolgs for melee support, head to the enemy settlement. When you attack, focus all your fire directly on the paladin. He'll use holy light on his support troops, making them very hard to kill. When he's almost dead, he'll become invincible with divine shield, and you'll have little choice but to wait until it runs out. As soon as it does, resume attacking him, and when he falls, you'll win the mission.

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