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We can roughly categorize Lost Ark islands into four types

Once you've completed the main questline in the continent that is the first in Lost Ark, you receive an ship. From that point onwards you're free to explore the seas as you like. However, before you set sail to the nearest island, make sure you complete the blue World Quest on Lost Ark Gold (northeast of Luterra) first. This will assist you in getting up to the level 250 of item which is the level of item recommended for the initial Lost Ark islands.

Once you're all set when you're ready, hover over the islands on the map and you'll see the recommended item level in addition to the number of Mokoko seed, the combat type (PvE or PvP) as well as whether or not you've acquired an Island Soul. In addition, you'll find the island admission time. On the basis of this information, we can roughly categorize Lost Ark islands into four types:

Permanently PvE-controlled islands. The most well-known type. You can visit them at any time you feel like it.

Time-limited islands. You can only access these islands during specific time periods. Click on the island's name to see the times.

PvP islands. They're either permanently available or set to be timed, however you can always fight PvP in these areas. Recognize them by the crossed swords icon that appears across the map.

Adventure islands. Special co-op-related events that occur only a couple of times per day.

It's your first island. What do you do now? Although each Lost Ark island is unique They'll typically allow some or all of the following activities:

Complete quests. Sometimes it's obvious to see an exclamation symbol on the map, however, the quests could be concealed.

Visit NPCs and merchants. There are many islands that house the NPCs, as well as merchants. The latter come with distinct rewards, so don't leave before you've looked around.

Collect Mokoko Seeds. Yes, you'll find the mokoko buggers in the Lost Ark islands as well. Since the maps are small There are typically between two and five seeds per island.

Engage take part in PvP combat. Like I said, certain islands are available for PvP.

You can collect and collect the Island Soul. The reward you get to complete an island. Sometimes, it means growing your Rapport with a local NPC, other times it is necessary to complete a quest line or do some sort of PvP-based challenge.

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