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We will introduce the Glaivier

Amazon Games has outlined its April and May Content Plan in the game Lost Ark Gold , including two new playable classes.

In April, we will introduce the Glaivier, a new female martial artist advanced class that combines attacks using a spear as well as glaive depending on the two stances she takes: Focus and Flurry.

"While certain builds may focus your attention on one of these weapons, an effective Glaivier could maximize their effectiveness by establishing balance between the two stances by gaining strength from one that provides an incredible stat boost upon switching between the other,"reads this blog post.A fresh continent also to be announced beginning in April. South Vern, a "once-barren place" which is now a land "of plenty of water and lush pastures". It's the second Tier 3 continent, filled with new characters and quests.

The addition of more content is also in the pipeline, but Amazon Games is handling this with care so that it doesn't make players feel overwhelmed, while also taking into consideration player concerns over pay-to win games. "We're will keep the coming years focused to horizontal content and offer players clear routes to advancement without the feeling that they have to pay," says the blog post. "We hope to give more players time to progress to the point of no return before introducing Legion Raids (the definitive cheap Lost Ark Gold  raiding experience) and to ensure that players have the ability to explore Arkesia and progress at their own speed, not feeling pressured to get to the end of game content."

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