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Posted 01/31/2023 by United Auto Care Center

What Are The Reasons For Your Car Engine Squeals?

Hearing a strange squeaking noise coming from your car's engine could be a sign of an underlying problem. In this article, we'll explore seven common reasons why your car engine might be squeaking and what you can do to fix it. We'll also discuss the significance  of taking your car to a mechanic for professional car engine repair if necessary. So read on to learn more about why your car engine might be squeaking and how you can fix it!


5 Reasons Your Car Engine Squeals


Damage to the car's engine can lead to various problems. Therefore, get it checked by professionals, and save yourself from such trouble in the future. Read further to know more about it.



1. Faulty Spark Plugs


Sometimes, the tiny electrodes spark when you turn the key. They can become damaged or may be worn for the  time being. In such scenarios, the plug may not be able to make a strong enough electric current to ignite the fuel mixture in your engine correctly, causing faulty sparks. 


2. Worn Engine Crowbar Hangers


Sometimes, the crowbar hangers' metal brackets support the crank pulley to prevent it from turning – which can result in friction as the pulley makes any action. Further, when the driver starts the car, in the beginning, the engine may start and run fine. But the moment you put it into gear and engage the clutch, it will begin to squeal. Take your car for the car muffler repair before any major mishap takes place.


3. Damaged Engine Timing Belt


A damaged timing belt is a metal band that moves along the engine block. Further, it also holds all the moving parts together, including your valves, pistons, and crankshaft. It can become stretched or cracked due to wear and tear as it moves forward. Therefore, take your car to a professional car engine repair.


4. Lack of Antifreeze 


The mixture of ethylene glycol and water sometimes helps to cool the engine. This phenomenon prevents overheating in the summer months. Additionally, an inaccurate level can lead to crystallization and corrosion, resulting in causing your engine to squeal. Your car can pull over in the middle of the road. To avoid it, you need to visit an expert in car engine repair.


5. Damaged Intake Manifold 


A damaged intake manifold is a component that helps direct air and gas into the engine, ensuring everything functions effectively. The manifold will wrestle to properly distribute fuel and air if it becomes clogged up with dust or debris. As a result, your engine may start to squeal as it struggles to turn over properly.



Take Your Car To The Mechanics Today!


These are some of the reasons to take your car to the mechanics. Major accidents can take place, therefore you should avoid practicing the repair part on your own. Connect with United Auto Care Center as they offer a huge number of services like car radiator repair, brake repair, etc. Reach out to them today.



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