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Posted 09/21/2023 by Sphinx Solution

What is a DAO NFT Platform?

What is a DAO NFT Platform?

NFT development has revolutionized multiple sectors by making exciting opportunities for investors, traders, and worldwide enterprises and tokenizing digital assets. A number of NFTs can be created, bought, minted & sold every single day on several NFT marketplaces. With a huge demand for NFTs (non-fungible tokens), the total NFT market capital is expected to reach approximately 80 billion USD by 2025. Ethereum smart contract development plays a pivotal role in the creation and functioning of NFTs, as Ethereum is the most widely used blockchain for NFTs due to its robust and versatile smart contract capabilities. Developers proficient in Ethereum smart contract development are in high demand to create and manage the underlying contracts that power these unique digital assets.

Every NFT platform is unique and delivers a number of benefits to active users. Some NFT platforms solely focus on providing a marketplace for trading where people can showcase their collectibles through NFTs & engage in trading. Other platforms enable users to perform in several games and make rewards through NFT staking. According to blockchain developers, NFT marketplace platforms always refine themselves with new ideas and innovations.

Presently, decentralized autonomous organization or DAO is adopted by the NFT platforms to create futuristic concepts like play-to-earn games, metaverse marketplaces, etc. DAO NFTprojects also focus on user interests and distribute regulatory power among the users. Continue reading and focus on key aspects of DAO-powered NFT platforms.

What Does DAO Mean?

Before diving into DAO-enabled NFT marketplaces or NFT platforms, you have to understand what DAO is and its features. DAO stands for the decentralized autonomous organization which is regulated through a number of rules that deeply rely on smart contracts. As the name suggests, DAOs are fully decentralized, this means they run and exist on the blockchain network. A reliable NFT platform development company services allows you to build a unique platform for non-fungible tokens.

DAOs are in great demand in different sectors such as sports, finance, arts, crowdfunding, etc. Based on the project’s structure of the technology, enterprises can select to reinforce decentralized autonomous organization from the following categories:

Operating systems: A platform helps enterprises to establish and create their own DAOs

Protocol DAO: It utilizes voting mechanisms for implementing decisions that regard protocol changes

Investment DAO: It supports investment and pooling operations for multiple decentralized finance projects

Service DAO: This regulates acquisition operations and talent hunting for individuals and enterprises

Collector DAO: Collector DAO is designed for regulating NFT platforms that are committed to delivering complete or fractional NFT ownership

Social DAO: It enables decentralized platforms to increase social engagement and networking

Media DAO: This is a decentralized news aggregator that works in the interest of consumers Enterprises further monitor or track innovations on the horizon of DAO for determining which model is ideal to automate their business operation.

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Evolution of NFT Platforms

The development process of the NFT marketplace using a decentralized autonomous organization or DAO is called the DAO-enabled NFT marketplace. Users of this platform have full authority to engage in voting for decisions. DAO offers transparency in the NFT via distributed decision-making. It offers all users the freedom to select the platform. It significantly helps to remove obstacles in the process of decision-making. Let’s take a closer look at the NFT platform evolution.

NFT platforms without DAOs: NFTs are mainly implemented on blockchain networks with the help of smart contracts. Each token carries a piece of information known as Metadata. The NFT marketplace or NFT platform can’t be centralized. However, the blockchain protocol founders have control over some decisions like launching blockchain features, making rules, unveiling upgrades, etc.

For instance, an individual can’t control or own a marketplace developed on the Ethereum protocol. Users do not have any role to decide the protocol’s future and the right to determine which implementation is needed for ensuring the prosperity and longevity of the network. Moreover, they can’t suggest any protocol changes. The lack of sovereignty makes these conventional NFT platforms a very incompatible solution for users. Key features of NFT platforms without DAOs include:

  • The owner of the platform is supreme authority & responsible for platform-related decision making
  • The platform owner has the right to change the functionality of the platform & add more features
  • Any implementation or new changes take time in traditional NFT platforms
  • A governing entity may close down a centralized platform
  • Conventional NFT platforms have no comprehensive functionality

NFT platforms with DAOs: DAOs bring good transparency through the distributed decision-making system. It can easily automate the NFT platform’s governance that allows users to decide the platform’s future actively. Moreover, DAOs can remove the barrier to decision-making. This means users can change the platform’s governance & have the power to vote. 

DAO platforms provide an efficient and quicker solution than NFTs without DAOs. Due to the potential advantages of autonomous organizations, most enterprises prefer DAOs to offer the perks of decentralized governance. Key features of DAO NFT platforms

  • The community can make all decisions on the NFT platform
  • Through voting, users can engage in changing functions and features
  • Users immediately implement any changes as the functions are supported by smart contracts support
  • Users can understand the functionality of the platform

How Can DAO NFT Platforms Benefit a User?

There are plenty of reasons why individual collective groups need a DAO-based NFT structure. Here are some key benefits that you must focus on:

1. Ownership benefits: DAO or decentralized autonomous organization acts as a decision-making tool for the NFT platforms. While NFTs are large in numbers with multiple varieties, the demand for DAO-based NFT platforms is rapidly rising. The involvement of DAO can make a gaming-based NFT platform more advantageous to the users.

  • With the help of DAOs, users can review policies related to content moderation, auctions, and assets policy
  • DAOs own digital assets and smart contracts for bringing autonomy and they remove the leadership concept from the NFT platforms
  • Users can stake their native tokens and NFTs in the decentralized application to generate rewards
  • DAOs allow communities to make decisions & vote on major aspects of any platform like NFT auctions, battle launches, marketplace decisions, contract policies modification, etc
  • Users are able to make any changes to the underlying NFT platform governance through voting

2. Decentralization: The basic principle of DAO is properly aligned with the goal to achieve the ultimate level of decentralization. Decentralized platforms give traders full control over platform-related actions. It also removes the necessity for a centralized platform or a centralized authority. Decentralization also gives equal importance to all members and stakeholders to make their decisions.

3. Voting power and participation: DAO-based NFT platforms are quite similar to traditional NFT platforms, but the only difference reflects the ownership policies and the governance model. Users in these NFT platforms can make huge decisions via voting in 3 simple steps:

  • Votes submitted
  • Proposals
  • Result

DAO-based NFT platforms use members’ votes to make changes to policies and existing rules of the platform. DAOs allow all users to take a major role in determining policies and decision-making activities for communities through distributed and transparent decision-making. 

As DAO NFT is decentralized, it encourages better participation than conventional platforms. When the members get the right of voting, they feel empowered. This model mainly strives to make uniformity and allows community members to equally participate in the NFT platform governance & provide solutions through participation.

4. Publicity: Since decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are established on open-source software, the votes are publicly visible. This usually brings a sense of responsibility and accountability to every member or voter. Since the decisions taken by the voters are clearly viewable, they would like to act in such a way that benefits the reputation.

5. Community: Last but not the least, DAOs have high community involvement that allows worldwide users to stay connected with each other for working on objectives. Since the process of decision-making isn’t limited to a DAO boardroom or group of authorities, all members contribute in such a way that adds to productivity. So, there are huge scopes for developments from the members and the organization.

What is the DAO NFT Community?

The decentralized autonomous organization has the ability to support emerging NFT creators, foster a community sense & bring together to engage in community events, raise funds, and offer access to smaller DAO NFT projects. Users can meet & discuss the collective missions for DAOs over multiple networking sites, and contribute funds with the help of Ethereum contract development.

Moreover, ownership and control are more democratic in DAO. This means every owner has voting rights and decision-making has become more efficient and faster. Community members and NFT creators can decide the NFT project’s future & shape the company’s direction through vote casting properly that’s visible to other users.

In today’s world, DAOs have the ability to bring all global communities together for coordinating and collaborating the shared vision. With the governance tokens and internet connection, anyone can easily participate in making the scope of Web3.

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Final Words

The concept of decentralized autonomous organization is rapidly transforming the structure of a business through member-owned communities empowerment & by eliminating centralized leadership. From a crypto trading platform to an NFT marketplace, DAO supports every industry’s revolutionary aspect. Whenever you plan to start an NFT venture, it’s crucial to adapt to ongoing market trends. DAO is the latest advancement that has been receiving good acclaim in today’s market. As an entrepreneur, if you would like to optimize a fully DAO NFT project, get in touch with Sphinx Solutions.

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