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Posted 09/01/2022 by goMDnow

What is a random test Consortium?

What is a random test Consortium?

When conducting drug testing, it is common for many companies to engage in joint testing. The employees of the companies involved in the consortium are stored in the collective pool. Drugs and alcohol are randomly selected from the pool. A common random testing pool is required for all owners and operators regulated by a DOT agency.

The only ones using random groups are independents. The larger the company, the more likely it is to use this approach.

There is no set minimum or a maximum number of participants for randomized study groups, either independent or consortium. The owner-operator is the only one that needs to be included in the group.

DOT regulated companies and companies not served by goMDnow, goMDnow maintains independent groups and consortium groups. Most of our sample customers are subject to federal regulations (FMCSA).

What are the FMCSA requirements?

Per FMCSA regulations, random breathalyzer testing conducted by the consortium will determine the total number of drivers tested per company. Any number of alliance themes can serve as a starting point. If the overall consortium ratio meets the desired ratio, the number of random tests performed by consortium members may be fewer than the desired number.

As the employer’s representative, the consortium performing the screening and/or testing services must develop and make available to the employer a full and detailed description of the technology used in the collaboration. This data must be readily available for verification by the employer’s staff.

In addition, proof must be provided that the league has been tested for alcohol or illegal drugs at the required minimum annual percentage. This rule applies to all employers; no one is exempt from its requirements at any time.

goMDnow can help companies develop DOT-compliant drug and alcohol testing programs.

• Designated employer representative (DER)

• Written policies

• Registration Requirements

• Professional background check

• For spot checks after accidents and reasonable suspicion tests as well as for the resumption of work and follow-up care

• Training of employees

• Training of supervisors

• Background checks from previous employers

• Individuals who have tested positive or who refuse to be removed from positions of responsibility for which they should be safe.

• Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor

We provide DOT Random Drug Testing Alliance (C/TPA) Program Administration Services nationwide for state and federal regulated businesses and drug-free programs for non-regulated employees.

Additionally, our DOT Random Drug Testing Consortium program has a strong history in the transportation industry and specializes in providing practical, affordable, and self-licensed support to owners, operators, and truckers of all sizes to facilitate, manage, and administer Drug Compliance. Check.

What can goMDnow do to ensure compliance?

The company’s goal is to simplify DOT certification and drug testing for shipping companies of all sizes and help them comply with DOT regulations. Trucking companies, trucking companies, rental companies, and individual fleets can use independent pattern communities and common pattern communities. goMDnow simplifies your organization’s DOT compliance and provides a way to keep you out of trouble and avoid fines and penalties.

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