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Posted 04/06/2023 by Toggle Co.

What is a waterproof deck coating and why is it important?

The terraces and roofs are permanently subjected to inclement weather such as rain, hail, or snow. For this reason, it is necessary that these roofs have Waterproofing Deck Coatings in Orange County, CA that protects them from leaks, cracks, and other types of pathologies.

Characteristics of roof waterproofing systems:

The waterproofing of roofs protects buildings from precipitation and other meteorological phenomena, therefore it must meet the following characteristics:

- Excellent hardness and resistance to exposure and outdoor elements.

- Good adhesion on the surface that favors its durability over time.

- Strong levels of elasticity to withstand changes in temperature and expansion of materials.

- Anti-mold properties that prevent the appearance of stains and moisture.

- High covering power for those surfaces that are not completely flat.

- Resistance to saponification to avoid a bad reaction between the paint and the support.

- Passability for those surfaces that need to be crossed by pedestrians.

Roof waterproofing system:

These are systems that are made up of liquid products of varied compositions and that can be applied in different ways (airless spray, roller, or brush). Once these systems have been applied, they polymerize giving rise to an elastic coating that appears in the form of an adhered, semi-adhered, or loose membrane on the support. With this, a waterproofing film is achieved that guarantees the tightness of the roof. In most cases, these systems are made up of the following parts:

High-resistance fibers such as glass, polyester, or polypropylene provide greater resistance to the system. This reinforcement is necessary in the case of passable roofs, as well as in singular points of the roofs and in the repair of cracked walls.

Primers are liquid products that are applied as a first layer on the substrate to improve adhesion between the support and the waterproofing.

Heavy protection layers are materials that are applied over the waterproofing to prevent it from separating from the support. Other of its functions are protected against environmental agents and mechanical damage.

The finishing layer is one or more layers that are applied over the waterproofing and whose function is aesthetic and protective against environmental agents.

The support layer is the one on which the waterproofing settles.

At prestigedecking.com, we are professional Waterproofing Contractors in Orange County, CA. We have different roof waterproofing systems to cover different problems and pathologies.

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