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Posted 03/31/2023 by Davinci Cosmetics

What is Botox Cosmetic Treatment and How Does it Work?

What is Botox Cosmetic Treatment and How Does it Work?

There was a time when people preferred going under the knife to enhance their appearance - plastic surgeries. However, this option has lost its charm in light of the associated physical and psychological complications - infection, nerve damage, blood loss, and deep vein thrombosis. 

Today, people are opting for safe and minimally invasive procedures like botox cosmetic treatments. This procedure is administered through injections and is a Botulinum Type A Toxin treatment. 

Botox cosmetic treatment is a surefire way to (temporarily) get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. But that is not it! Keep reading to know more benefits of this procedure and how exactly it works. 

Undeniable Benefits of Botox Cosmetic Treatments 

Botox cosmetic procedure or botox facial contouring offers a world of benefits over traditional plastic surgeries, as listed below. 

  1. Almost Instantaneous Results 

People who opt for botox anti-ageing procedures usually do so because the results are almost immediate. You can see your wrinkles and fine lines disappear as early as three to four days after treatment. 

But it only gets better as maximum results are achieved. The youthful appearance will last as long as three months. 

  1. Does More Than Just Enhance Beauty 

One of the most lauded reasons why people visit a botox clinic is to enhance their natural appearance by eliminating wrinkles. However, that’s not the only benefit. 

This cosmetic treatment may help treat other health conditions, primarily those related to muscle pain like TMJ. This is because the injections help relax those muscles. This treatment is also said to relieve urinary continence and chronic migraines. 

  1. Inexpensive Procedure 

When compared to surgical methods like plastic surgery, botox cosmetic treatment is inexpensive. Since the injection doses are administered in units, you can choose the number of units as per your budget. 

Then there is the benefit that you need not spend on other beauty procedures like facials or wrinkle reduction - botox is a single-stop solution. 

  1. Customizable 

With botox facial contouring, you get customizable treatment options. You can discuss with your doctor the facial areas that need to be treated. 

Again, you can also discuss how many or few injections you need to achieve the desired look. 

How Does Botox Cosmetic Treatment Work?

Now the question that arises is what exactly is botox and how the botox procedure works? Botox is a compound made from a bacterium called clostridium botulinum. This species of bacteria is found in a plethora of natural settings like lakes and the soil. 

Besides facial enhancement treatments, botox is also used for certain medical conditions such as eye squints, hyperactive bladders, and muscle disorders. The procedure came into being through eye muscle treatment. 

Going by the same principle, botox for cosmetic treatment blocks nerves, particularly those that lead to wrinkle-causing contractions. It is a simple, minimally invasive procedure with no need for incisions or a local anesthetic. 

Your doctor will ask you to relax and lie down. Then, the botulinum (in powder form) is diluted using saline and administered directly into the desired tissue through a syringe. You might face minor discomfort immediately after the injection is administered. 

Botox cosmetic treatment takes anywhere from three to seven days to show its full effect. After three to four months, muscle action gradually returns and so will wrinkles and fine lines. But the good news is that they will look less unsightly as the facial muscles are trained to relax. 

Is the Treatment Safe?

This is perhaps the most common question people have regarding botox facial contouring. And the short answer is an emphatic yes. Physicians have been using this cosmetic procedure to treat aging signs for years now. 

Botox is made using naturally occurring botulinum, which is safe. It is only when the bacterium spores mutate that there is a cause for concern. 

Moreover, your doctor will only administer botox in small, targeted doses. So, it is practically harmless. The Botox used for cosmetic procedures is less compared to that used for medical purposes. With a good safety record, you can discuss with your doctor the how and when of this miraculous protein. 

Finally, your doctor will first test whether you are a good candidate for botox treatment. In general, the treatment is safe for people 18 and above, in good health, and with no history of multiple sclerosis or neuromuscular disease. 

However, it is not suitable for -

  • Pregnant women 

  • Breastfeeding mothers 

  • Those with a facial ailment 

  • Those with drooping eyelids 

  • Those with deep facial scarring 

  • Those with weak facial muscles 

Reclaim Your Youthful Appearance! 

Rest assured that compared to invasive facelifts, botox cosmetic treatment will breathe new life into your skin, removing obvious signs of aging. As pronounced aging signs vanish, your charming facial features return without going over the top. 

Just make sure you choose a reliable botox clinic in Richmond to perform the procedure. Trust one that gives supreme importance to physician expertise, and experience, and favors natural results. So, what are you waiting for? Get back your youthful glow today! 

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