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Posted 03/17/2023 by Kolor Matrix

What Is The Basic Equipment Needed For Commercial Screen Printing?

Starting a business has its challenges. Lack of funds, insufficient knowledge, and skills, and a weak market are a few of the many challenges that can either make or break your idea of owning a business. That said, the screen printing business is one option that is considered fail-proof by experts. Though you need commercial screen printing equipment to make it through, it has fewer obstacles to tackle. You don’t need extra skills and knowledge except screen printing the right way, which can be learned by means of screen printing classes. What’s more, you don’t require a hefty amount to start it. A few types of equipment can complete your setup and set the wheels of your business in motion. You can find screen printing dryers for sale online to save some extra cash. 

If you are planning to start your screen printing business, here are a few essential commercial screen printing equipment you need to have:


A computer with design software

The chances are that you already own a computer at home as it’s more than a necessity in today’s era. For screen printing, it’s also of great help as you need to create unique designs digitally using software before printing them on fabric or paper. Once you connect and synchronize it with your printing machine, you can start printing your design in no time.


A screen printing press

It’s not like any ordinary press. It’s equipment that enables you to bring your digital design into reality by printing it on a substrate. It utilizes heat and ink to do the job without error. This is one of the important pieces of equipment without which you can’t set up a screen-printing business. Though they are generally expensive, some suppliers can offer a discount on screen printing equipment, including presses.



Printing without ink is like a car without fuel. Ink is what makes screen printing possible and delivers attractive prints. However, it’s important that you invest in the best quality inks when looking for commercial screen printing equipment.


Conveyor dryer

After you have successfully printed your design on fabric or paper, you need to ensure it remains as it is. To do so, you need to dry it quickly, and a conveyor dryer lets you do just that. Invest in a quality conveyor dryer that suits your needs and pocket.


In a nutshell

Starting a business doesn’t have to be challenging, provided you know in which direction you need to invest. A screen printing business is a great option that needs fewer things and can help you get great returns. Make sure you find a reliable screen printing supplier who is reputed and reliable. You can find the best discount screen printing equipment online to save extra bucks.


Author’s bio- The writer is an online blogger and the article is about the screen printing.

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