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Posted 03/28/2023 by Dental Implant Technologies

What Is The Importance Of Bone Grafts In Dental Implants?

What Is The Importance Of Bone Grafts In Dental Implants?

Bone grafting basically involves a surgical procedure to transplant bone tissue to fix bones that are damaging for some reason. It is a useful technique to grow bone around an implanted device, which is why dental implant surgeries frequently use bone grafting to develop a tooth root for implanting a false tooth replacing the lost tooth. 

Some bone grafting procedures use bone powder to create compound materials. This material fills the area in the absence of bone to provide structural stability. Let’s get to know how the bone grafting procedure is done to make the dental implant procedure successful. 

What is bone grafting?

The bone grafting process generally involves removing a piece of bone from another part of the patient’s jaw or other body parts. Then it gets transplanted onto the jawbone. A dental implant basically consists of two pieces, a metal cylinder and an abutment. The metal cylinder is placed inside the jaw bone to act as the root of the tooth. 

The abutment acts like a screw that fits into the metal cylinder. The modern-day alternative option for obtaining bone involves a cadaver source or using bone powder. These can be applied through allograft syringes or manually. Such options for bone grafting prevents any possibility for a second surgical site and have more success rate

What do the post bone graft and implant procedures involve?

Even though a bone grafting procedure is very time-consuming, it is an essential part of any implant process. During bone grafting, the latest treatment procedure uses various grafting products; one of them is bone powder. These are available in both mineralized and demineralized form, whichever the patient might require to make it a faster treatment process.

After the surgery, it may take several months for the transplanted bone to grow so it could support the original placement of the dental implants. Once the healing process is completed, the dentist would place the abutment, which is an extension of the implant’s metal post, into the jaw. After the tissue heals, the molds of the teeth and jawbone are taken to insert the final tooth.

Since dental implants and bone grafting are extensive surgeries, make sure that only board-certified specialists perform them for a high success rate. You can contact Dental Implant Technologies to get an adequate solution for any kind of tooth loss issue. 

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