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What's the mobile app for Rs3

OSRS player responds to the latest Runescape

Private server is a term that has negative connotations however. Considering  the amount of attention and updates OSRS receives, I'm not sure it's right to label it anything less than equal to RS3 in terms the concept of "RuneScape". It's true that there are OSRS-related RSPSs which have been in operation longer than OSRS, that have been receiving updates frequently, aren't they? It's not a problem if you think otherwise. It's just an opinion.

I'm referring to RS3 players do exactly the same thing as OSRS (see comments on this page for some examples). I've never understood why there is a war between the players of both games. Just let everyone play what they like the most. Each game has its unique strengths and flaws. It shouldn't, however, be an actual competition.

Also, the narrative people sometimes portray here is that the overwhelming majority in the OSRS community believes this is extremely exhausting. I think most people do not have any negative feelings about RS in any way (or even more so, having the best to play the game). An excellent example is when long-time OSRS streamer Sick Nerd started playing and streaming RuneScape again last year and the results were very impressive. He was successful in with it, while maintaining and expanding his viewer base that he accumulated playing Old School. Streaming RuneScape during the time of his streaming was the most successful time on Twitch over the last couple of years in terms of viewers and subscribers , if I'm not incorrect.

I'm sure that not everyone within OSRS believes this, and a lot of it is just a flimsy meme but the most vile part of their community is likely to be loudest and more obvious. Both games have been played frequently, over many hours of both. I've seen the fight between the strong-headed members of the community is just annoying. Both games are extremely good by themselves but ignorance is not helping any one.

What's the mobile app for Rs3?

Quite good. It's extremely dense in menus and tabs, as they provide access to virtually every feature you have on a PC client, however, with enough time and use you'll be able to navigate quickly and efficiently. It will seem daunting at first but in reality, you're at an advantage with OSRS because it's a "clean blank slate" experience, instead of needing to learn how to use a feature you're familiar with from the PC client which is now hidden within an interface on the mobile app.

Does all of this work on the go?

It's definitely doable I've played a lot playing Angel of Death (Nex Hard Mode) on my phone for instance. But it's going to be an effort-versus-value choice. The amount of effort involved in doing skilling, dailies, and even minor content on pvm like slayer is likely to be low enough that it's worth the effort on mobile. High-end bossing is possible but requires more effort on mobile than PC. Finding that balance is all up to you.

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