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What skills are required for fighting in Runescape?

What skills are required for fighting in Runescape?

Skills are critical to   increase your combat level and can provide you with a path to follow, based on the weapons you are most comfortable with. Combat level skills are divided into these categories Skills: Attack, Strength Magic, Ranged, Prayer, Constitution, Defense, Summoning.

For melee-oriented players paying attention to Attack and Strength is going to aid by stabbing, slashing and crushing your enemies. Make use of these types of attacks repeatedly and watch your statistics get better in time. Ranged, Magic and Prayer gain strength by repetition. However Prayer can be leveled quite quickly in a matter of days by placing bones in graves or scattering the ashes.

Defense can be improved faster by completing questions that reward Defense points to reward your effort. Constitution increases over time with any leveling of combat as well as Summoning will need you to complete Slayer objectives and quests to earn Charms which will grant an increase in return

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