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Posted 03/29/2023 by Frey Law, P.A.

What to Do If You're Arrested: Advice from a Tampa Criminal Attorney

It can be frightening and distressing to be arrested. It's critical to be prepared for situations like this by having a plan in place. We'll provide you suggestions from a Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer in this post on what to do if you're detained. We've got you covered on everything from knowing your rights to retaining counsel.

1. Know Your Rights

Knowing your rights should be your first priority if you are arrested. You are entitled to both the right to counsel and the right to remain silent. It's crucial to assert these rights as soon as you can. Without a solicitor present, avoid talking to the cops. Anything you say could be used against you in court and probably will be.

2. Stay Calm and Cooperative

Keep your composure and cooperate when you are being arrested. Never challenge the police or try to thwart their arrest. The issue will only get worse as a result. Instead, maintain your composure and abide by the police's orders. Everyone involved will experience the process more easily and less anxiously as a result.

3. Contact an Attorney

Contact a skilled criminal lawyer as soon as you can. They'll be able to give you legal counsel and stand up for you in court. It's crucial to work with a Criminal Defense Lawyer Tampa area experience who specialises in this area of law. They can give you the greatest defence because they are knowledgeable about the local laws and processes.

4. Do Not Talk About Your Case

Do not discuss your case with anyone other than your lawyer after you have retained one. Friends, relatives, and coworkers are included in this. In a court of law, everything you say to anyone else can be used against you. It's crucial to maintain the privacy of your case and delegate all communication to your lawyer.

5. Attend All Court Dates

Attending all court dates is crucial, as is according to your attorney's instructions. If you don't, you could face further charges and your case can suffer. Be sure to come on time and dress correctly for court. Respect the court's procedures and the judge.

6. Stay Out of Trouble

It's crucial to avoid difficulty while your lawsuit is pending. Avoid participating in unlawful behaviour and staying away from those who do. This could damage your case and lead to more charges.

7. Be Honest With Your Attorney

It's critical to be open and honest with your lawyer regarding your situation. Give them all the details they require to adequately represent you. Don't hide anything from your lawyer or tell a falsehood to them. They are there to assist you, but they can't until they are fully informed.

8. Prepare for Trial

It's crucial to adequately prepare for trial if your case goes that route. Together, you and your solicitor will compile evidence to create a compelling defence. Make sure to do what they say and provide them any information they ask for.

9. Stay Positive

It can be upsetting and distressing to get arrested. It's critical to maintain optimism and keep your eyes on the prize. Develop a solid defence with the help of your solicitor, then move on from this experience.

10. Hire an Experienced Tampa Criminal Attorney

If you've been arrested in Tampa, it's important to hire an experienced criminal attorney. At Frye Law Pa, we have years of experience representing clients in criminal cases. We understand the local laws and procedures, and we are committed to providing you with the Contact us (813) 222-8210 today to schedule a consultation.



Although being arrested might be a scary event, it's vital to know what to do if it does. Understanding your rights, acting in good faith, and employing a skilled criminal defence lawyer

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