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When inquired approximately how to bait the fish

Larry is situated via way of means of the oasis which lies to the to the north from the palace and is close to the gate for Al-Kharid. He oversees the fishing opposition and will provide the participant with the equipment needed to take part in the contest, however, he'll forget to inform the person that nothing may be stuck withinside the oasis. Big Dave, a fellow angler in the opposition, might suggest purchasing specialization-based fish from Ali Morrisane, a service supplier located just to the east from the oasis.

When inquired approximately how to bait the fish, Morrisane can barter in alternate for exchange reviews from spymaster Osman. Don't forget to inform Osman about Morrisane's 3 crates surrounding his stand. Osman could use this record as a safety query.

My Arm the Troll is in charge of judging and organizing in a cook-off dinner contest, for which he needs something "interesting," "distinct," and, most likely, "now no longer uninteresting."

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