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While the vanilla Version that came with WoW Classic

The survey then goes on to offer two additional bundles that players can purchase for their game, and asking which one they'd most likely to shell out for. One option includes a one-time level 68 character boost that includes it comes with a Death Knight character boost, and a toy worth $50. The second features a character booster gift (to be given to a different player) the transfer of characters mount that can be used to play WoW Classic and modern WoW as well as 30 days of game time for just $30.

While the vanilla Version that came with WoW Classic only allowed for the transfer of character for payment and did not come with any other add-ons or the ability to purchase enhancements to your character, Blizzard did offer what was referred to as a $40 "Dark Portal Pass" to coincide with the release of Burning Crusade Classic in 2019 that was basically an euphemism for a character boost. It also offered an online deluxe edition which came with The Dark Portal Pass as well as a special mount, unique World of Warcraft , unique toy along with 30 days gameplay time for $70.

The inclusion of things like paid charges for character cloning, mounts, and character boosts in Burning Crusade Classic caused a quite a bit of a controversy within WoW Classic. WoW Classic community in the last year. A lot of players believed that it violated the spirit of the beginning of the game WoW Classic was trying to recreate, a time where microtransactions of this kind and services were not even available. The fact that Blizzard following this poll appears to be going all-in on its effort to further make money from WoW Classic, which requires a subscription to play it, is likely to bring back these same conversations again.

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