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Posted 02/20/2023

Why Do I Not See Proper Density In Recipient Region After Hair Transplant?

Why Do I Not See Proper Density In Recipient Region After Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant surgery is an effective hair treatment in Indore for permanent hair loss. In this treatment, patients donate their own hair for the surgery. 

Since hair loss patients are very curious and impatient after the surgery, they want instant results. They keep on checking transplanted hair every second day to be sure about the success of the treatment. 

Experts say that hair loss patients need to have patience after the treatment. Hair follicles may take considerable time after the hair transplant surgery. 

If you have chosen a skilled hair doctor in Indore, hair follicles will grow with proper density but it is not going to happen overnight. It is possible you have to wait for a full year to see final results. 

What if patients do not observe proper density after 6 months?

It is quite possible that you do not acquire full density after hair transplant surgery due to shock loss. In this condition, hair sheds temporarily and grow again after some time. 

You do not need to worry due to hair shedding since hair follicles are safe inside the skin. Hair growth will start soon at a slower rate. Hair grafts will be thinner initially but they will gain weight and density steadily. 

Hair, after hair transplant surgery, grows according to the following hair growth cycle:

Hair shedding:

As mentioned above, a number of patients experience shock loss nearly two months after the hair loss treatment in Indore. Do not worry since it is a normal response of the body against the surgical steps. Hair will grow again over time. 

Hair growth during 2 to 5 months:

If shock loss does not take place in your case, you may observe the first signs of hair growth after three months. Initially, the new hairs are thinner than your normal hair. The quality of these hairs will improve after a certain time. 

Hair growth during 6 to 7 months:

You will see proper hair growth after this time. However, hair will have less density in the comparison with existing hair. Do not worry since these results are not final. Hair growth is a steady process and the density of your transplanted hair is still improving day by day. 

Hair growth during 10 to 12 months:

You will observe that the texture of hair is improving quickly. The donor site also looks perfect and it is now healed properly. 

Now you can say that you are witnessing the final results. 

Your efforts and final results

You can improve the quality of results if you follow the instructions given by your hair specialist in Indore. Have a healthy diet and stay away from activities like exercise, smoking, drinking, and exposing the scalp to the sun. You may visit the Marmm Klinik if you are willing to have good results after the hair transplant surgery, your treatment will be started after a proper diagnosis. Our expert will treat you with a hair transplant only if you are a good candidate for the surgery.

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