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Posted 03/23/2023 by Marmm Klinik

Why Is Choosing A Skilled Hair Transplant Surgeon Beneficial For Hair Loss Patients?

Why Is Choosing A Skilled Hair Transplant Surgeon Beneficial For Hair Loss Patients?

Hair loss takes place due to several reasons. When hair loss occurs due to genetic influences, experts call this condition male pattern baldness or genetic hair loss. This is a permanent condition. In fact, only a skilled hair doctor in Indore may examine your scalp properly to determine the type of hair loss. 

If your hair loss doctor is confirmed that you are facing genetic hair loss, he will treat you with the help of the best hair transplant in Indore. Hair transplant surgery is an effective surgical treatment that uses your own baldness-resistant hair. These hairs grow in the back and sides of your scalp. 

You have to note that only a capable surgeon will yield good results after the treatment. Therefore, visit several clinics to select a reliable hair loss clinic to get optimum results. 

In fact, a good surgeon is essential at every step of the hair loss treatment. He will examine your scalp to detect the real problem. In the next step, he will determine the correct hair transplant technique. Then, the surgeon will perform the surgery with utmost care and responsibility. 

The hair loss doctor is also responsible for the survival rate of the hair follicular unit during and after the treatment. 

So, you must choose a good hair transplant surgeon if you want good results. 

If a good team of doctors treats your hair loss, you will get the following benefits:

Correct diagnosis:

When you visit the clinic, the hair transplant surgeon will check your scalp carefully to reach the root cause of the problem. He will perform some tests and ask some questions as well in the process of diagnosis. Reliable doctors are very efficient to check the scalp. 

Suitable hair transplant technique:

Hair transplantation has two common techniques Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplant. Your surgeon will select the most suitable technique for you according to your candidacy. 

The high survival rate with natural results:

A capable and qualified surgeon will treat the hair grafts with a great level of efficiency. Therefore, hair will grow in the transplanted area at a high survival rate. Moreover, a hair transplant surgeon will plan your surgery in such a way that you get your results according to your age, face cut, and condition of your scalp. 

Proper care after the treatment:

Skilled surgeons are ready to handle side effects like swelling, pain, redness, and itching. Therefore, they prescribe proper medications for these side effects. 

Moreover, they provide proper instructions to the patients about keeping hair follicles and treated areas safe during the recovery period. 


It is clear at this stage of discussion that hair loss doctors are vital for the surgical treatment of genetic hair loss. If you have any problem finding a reliable hair loss clinic, you may visit the Marmm Klinik. You can also make a call to know more about hair transplant price in Indore if you want to enquire about the cost of the treatment.

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