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Why It Is Advised to Clean Dryer Vent at least Once a Year?

Dryer duct cleaning 

As a homeowner, you should understand the importance of regular home maintenance. This includes taking good care of the appliances in your home. Proper upkeep and necessary repairs will help them last longer and work more effectively. Taking care of your dryer, for example, can also prevent hazards. 

Dryer duct cleaning is best done at least once a year. Keeping the dryer’s duct or vent clean will have many positive benefits. 

Reduce the Risk of Fires

You should clean the dryer duct annually to prevent fires. Failing to clean the vent leads to a buildup of lint, which is flammable. As the dryer heats up, it could create a spark on the lint. This can quickly develop into a fire inside the appliance. From there, the fire could quickly spread, eventually severely damaging your home. 

Dryer vent cleaning in Toronto can spare you from property damage and even serious injuries or death. 

Dry Clothes Faster

Is it taking longer to dry your clothes? This can be frustrating and time-consuming. The culprit could be mechanical. However, you should start by checking the vent. A vent clogged with lint will make the dryer have to work harder to dry the clothes. You may find have to go through two or three cycles before the clothes are no longer damp. 

Also, doing dryer vent cleaning in Oshawa will cut down on the wear and tear of the dryer. This will give it a longer lifespan. 

Dryer Duct Cleaning Saves Energy

Cleaning the dryer vent and duct can also save you money. Because excess lint will cause the dryer to run longer, it becomes less efficient. The more the dryer runs, the higher your electric bill will be. If you clean the vent correctly and consistently, you will notice a difference in the dryer’s efficiency.   

Have Better-Looking Clothes

When you do dryer duct cleaning, you will notice a difference in your clothes. Every time you wash and dry your clothes, the quality will diminish. Clothes will fade, wear out, and look less attractive. The fibers will tear, and the clothes will be unwearable. 

A cleaner dryer vent and duct will mean the dryer runs for a shorter period. In turn, this will require less time for your clothes to be in the appliance. As a result, your clothes should last longer. 

Keep the Allergens Away

Your dryer’s vents and ducts may have a buildup of more than just lint. As you dry clothes, the vent will become damp. This environment is the perfect breeding ground for mould. Eventually, mould spores can spread throughout the home, causing respiratory problems, skin irritation, and heightened allergies. Dryer vent cleaning in Toronto can reduce these risks. 

Cleaning the Dryer Vent and Ducts Yearly Makes a Big Difference

If it has been more than a year since you cleaned the dryer vent, make it a priority. There are many advantages to having a dryer that’s free from a buildup of lint and other materials. Your health and safety could also depend on it. When you need dryer vent cleaning in Oshawa, call our team

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