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Posted 08/03/2022 by Honeycomb Agency

Why Promotional Marketing Matters

Why Promotional Marketing Matters

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does it really happen?


This philosophical question can be applied to the business world with the question: If a business doesn’t promote itself to its customers, does it really exist? 


If you want your business to succeed in today’s competitive world, you do need some form of promotional marketing. This will help people to learn about your brand, understand what it does and remember it. 


What is promotional marketing?


Promotional marketing helps to communicate your product or service to your target audience. 


It should have a strategy behind it so you can develop your brand image, inform your customers about what it is you do, stand out from your competitors and turn leads into customers. 


There are lots of ways to define promotional marketing but the way we see it, this tactic is different from content marketing, which uses a more subtle strategy to educate customers (this blog is an example of content marketing). It also differs from Search Engine Marketing, which will help your company to be highlighted by search engines like Google. Promotional marketing is also not digital marketing, which tends to be advertising on websites, social media and other online platforms. 


We see promotional marketing as creating a tangible product that serves to improve recognition and relationships between brands and their customers. 


Why your business needs promotional marketing


You may have seen the statistics  that it takes 5-7 exposures to a brand to recognise it, and that presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. 


In this world, creating a blog or sharing a post that is seen by a few thousand people on social media isn’t enough. To really stand out, you need a multi-faceted strategy that covers a range of touchpoints. Your promotional marketing should be part of this.


Part of your promotional marketing strategy may be a regular ‘drop’ of promotional products. These are branded items that can be:


  • Given away at trade shows
  • Sent to loyal customers
  • Offered as a freebie on your website
  • Sent to prospective customers
  • Given to your staff so they can wear or carry them in public
  • Given away as prize packs


Consider that someone needs to see a brand 5-7 times to recognise it, let alone buy its products. If you have a tangible product with a logo sitting on someone’s desk, hat rack, handbag or kitchen bench, you’re hitting that recognition figure many times over. 


Products that can be held can also be shared. By sending branded promotional items to 100 people, your brand will potentially be seen by hundreds, if not thousands more. This helps to build that all-important brand recognition. 


Think of all the Coca-Cola merchandise you have seen over the years. From caps to beach towels, this brand does an excellent job of staying front of mind. 


You don’t have to be a B2C business to have a promotional marketing strategy that includes branded items. It can be even more effective with a smaller, more niche B2B audience that is often ignored by providers who don’t have a strategy to reach them through marketing. 


Promotional marketing ideas


There are so many ways to promote your business to your customers. You can do it through special offers, through sales and through service or product packages. 


To improve recognition and build relationships, consider creating a set of promotional items which carry your brand. You may wish to give them away regularly or have them ready to hand over at trade shows and special events. Remember that more than 8 out of 10 consumers like to receive a promotional product with an advertising message and more than half keep their item for between one and four years. 


Create promotional products which either reflect your brand, e.g. branded tape measures for a home builder business, or which reflect your target customers’ needs, e.g. a branded reusable coffee cup for someone who travels regularly. 


One excellent idea is to find a way to personalise your promotional gifts. This creates an even stronger connection between you and your clients. 


How often should you run promotions?


The frequency of your promotional marketing efforts depend on your strategy. You could have a twice-yearly promotion which has some great giveaways that people get excited about and look forward to. 


Or you could have a branded gift pack as part of a welcome or congratulatory gift for new clients. A mortgage broker or real estate agent is an example of someone who may use this tactic. 


Track your results


One of the challenges of marketing has always been figuring out return on investment so check your lead status before and after you run a promotion and seek client feedback about what drew them to contact you. 


Gathering and reviewing any data you can, will help you to assess how much your promotional marketing efforts have paid off. 


In Summary


Promotional marketing and distributing branded items should form part of your overall strategy, aligning with your other efforts so you reach as many clients as possible across a range of platforms. 


Work with experts in this area to come up with some fun and creative ideas so your branded products are even more memorable and effective. 

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