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Posted 02/27/2023 by Marmm Klinik

Will Hair Transplant Surgery Restore My Scalp Efficiently?

Will Hair Transplant Surgery Restore My Scalp Efficiently?

You have no need to live with a bald head if you are facing male-pattern baldness. Scientific advancements have introduced hair transplant in Indore that is an effective and productive treatment for genetic hair loss. 

Surgical hair restoration of the scalp may bring positive outcomes by restoring your scalp very efficiently. During the surgery, the surgeon will remove hair from one area and transplant this hair to another region of the scalp. 

During the surgery, the surgeon may remove the hair with the help of two common techniques called follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. 

Follicular unit extraction:

In follicular unit extraction, the doctor will extract hairs from the donor area and inset these hairs into the bald scalp. 

Follicular unit transplant:

In a follicular unit transplant, the surgeon will borrow a strip of skin from the donor site and harvest healthy hairs from these strip. The hair specialist in Indore will insert these hairs into the bald scalp. 

These techniques will be helpful only when you choose a doctor who has the proper qualifications to perform the surgery. The experience of the surgeon also plays a vital role in bringing good results for the patient. 

Hair transplant planning

Hair transplant surgery depends on effective planning. the process of planning starts with the first meeting between the surgeon and the patient. After the surgeon has found the exact reason of the hair loss, he will determine a suitable hair transplant technique for the patient. 

Checking the scalp for a number of healthy and baldness-resistant hair is also a crucial step of hair transplant planning. 

After the surgeon has made a perfect plan for the best hair transplant in Indorehe will provide a date to the patient for the surgery. 

Hair transplant surgery depends on some factors like characteristics of the hair, the age of the patient, and the skills of the surgeon. 

Your surgeon will consider these factors before the surgery to produce good results after the treatment. 

Artistic skills and results

Hair transplant surgery is not about just transplanting healthy hair from one area to another but it is about getting proper aesthetic results as well. The patients will feel satisfied after getting a natural look with their own hairs.  

Therefore, you have to choose a surgeon who has an artistic sense while he treats hair loss patients. 

Side effects after hair transplant

Side effects like brushing, redness, mild pain, swelling, and itching are normal after hair transplant surgery. Capable hair loss doctors are always ready to handle these side effects. Hair may fall after the surgery temporarily but it will grow again with proper density and thickness. 

This information is enough to conclude that hair transplant depends on the skills of surgeons and the efforts of patients are equally important as well. 

If you are looking for an experienced hair loss surgeon and a reliable hair loss clinic, Marmm Klinik may meet your requirements. 

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