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WoW Classic servers are an empty town

Blizzard has released a brand new test area for public use WoTLK Gold within World of Warcraft Classic with barely a splash of publicity, prompting players to wonder what the new world is supposed be testing. A lot of players are hoping that it's "fresh" Servers for WoW Classic.

The test realm currently only includes raid content that was released in WoW Classic's beginning phase, however, it also includes more recent changes to the game, including the ability to purchase a world buff saving item from Chromie that wasn't available in the original version of vanilla WoW but was introduced prior to the launch of Burning Crusade Classic. The arrival of the latest test realm has gamers speculating that it could be a sign that Blizzard is looking to release brand new servers for WoW Classic where players can begin their journey in Azeroth completely in the beginning.

World of Warcraft Classic: The Burning Crusade Unveiled

At present, WoW Classic servers are an empty town. Blizzard demanded players to choose between playing in what is now called "Classic Era" servers or moving forward to the first expansion of the game, Burning Crusade Classic, in June. However, it appears that the majority players decided to go to Outland instead of remaining in Azeroth. However, there's still an active group consisting of cheap WoTLK Classic Gold  those who would rather play WoW Classic to Burning Crusade.C

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