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WoW: Shadowlands' New Raid Cinematic Shows The Story of Sylvanas and Fans Are Separated

Z-Man Games says more information about the board game will be released in the near future. It's somewhat odd that a 12-year old WoW expansion is getting the board game version However, should WoW Classic was able to teach us anything, it's that what's old is still new. It's been reported that in WoW information about video games most recent raid has divided players over what happens to Sylvanas as Horde PvP players of Burning Crusade Classic are struggling with queue times so long that Blizzard began testing same-faction Battlegrounds.

WoW: Shadowlands' New Raid Cinematic Shows The Story of Sylvanas and Fans Are Separated

World of Warcraft : Shadowlands The new raid, called the Sanctum of Domination, will culminate in a confrontation with Sylvanas Windrunner. He's been in the game for many expansions has been one of the game's primary antagonists. A new video that plays in the aftermath of the conclusion of the raid will reveal what's to come for Sylvanas and has been a bit of a snarky remark that has gamers divided.

Then, at the conclusion of the Sanctum of Domination, the Jailer the villainous big-name Sylvanas has worked for, accomplishes his aim of getting the signs of the various worlds in the Shadowlands and gaining more power and receiving a wardrobe change at the same time. He opens a portal to...somewhere and orders the various Azeroth leaders Azeroth who are there and Sylvanas to kneel, and serve him as he plots to tear down and then re-create reality.

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