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You can improve your fighting skills

The Tournament arena

Are you prepared to fight? Are you sure?

No, I'm not serious. Tournament arena of RuneScape isn't quite a scary thing. You can actually get together with a group of game-friends and test your abilities and abilities.

In order to start a war then you need to gather nine more players to form the teams. Two teams are required to have a war. Each team should have five players.

If you're seeking access to Tournament arena, go to One of the RuneScape worlds:

World 352

World 353

World 357

So, there are three options for you to chose from. When you'll be logged into one of the three above, your account will be risen to max stats.

It is possible to use unlimited tournament supplies. This means that you can choose the perfect setup to fight. You will have to cover the cost? No. What's that cool?

However, there's no chance that you will be in a position to transfer all of your weapons and items to your Tournament Arena to the RuneScape world. The fact is that your achievements won't be transferable to the regular world, either. Are you sad about this and don't want to fighting without a reason? You must be aware that fighting within the Tournament arena has certain advantages. Tournament Arena has become a location in which:

you can improve your fighting skills.

You are able to play games with friends and have an amazing time;

you can gear up yourself like you've always dreamed of;

it is possible to test equipment that aren't available in the real RuneScape world.

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