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You don't have to follow the story for too long

"One one of the problems with the idea of putting Diablo IV Gold "open world" in a big neon and flashing it is that people will be able to get that idea of Breath of Wildness or 'oh it's completely organic and I'm able to travel anywhere and do anything'," Fergusson said, as recorded by NME.

"That's not really our story. Our story is non-linear however, there is some story to tell - we wanted to have an opening, middle and an ending.

"You don't have to follow the story for too long this is one of the things I like about the open world," Fergusson added. "There's lots of side-quests, lots of activities not on the golden way."

Rumour has itthat Blizzard may be in the process of preparing to release Diablo 4 in April 2023. According to reports from the past the Diablo 4's probable "2023" release date could be reduced to April, with early access reportedly launching in February and pre-orders going live as early as the month of April.

ICYMI, Blizzard recently announced it was testing closed beta for "players with "recently spent significant time in the Diablo experience". A few footages and information from the closed tests have been leaked on the internet.

The Blizzard-owned Albany-based group of Diablo testers have won the right to create a union.

In addition to the procedural dungeons it's the replayable quests that make Diablo an unforgettable experience. With the demons of the Burning Hells nowhere near extinction in spite of the defeat of Primordial Evils in Diablo 2, it's up to a new group of warriors in cheap Diablo 4 Gold Immortal to safeguard the world of Sanctuary. And for players who finished the Diablo game's story to date, the job isn't exactly done considering the number of replayable content available for players to continually farm to strengthen their character.

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