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You've heard of Moon or Source Code

Jones disclosed the running time during an interview with WoTLK Gold The Daily Beast. Jones said he'd hoped to add the Easter eggs inside World of Warcraft that tied the film to his previous film projects, Moon and Source Code however, it was put to the side of the floor.

"If you've heard of Moon or Source Code, there's this extremely sweet, talented guy named Chesney Hawkes. He composed this huge, truly massive hit in Britain called 'I Am the One and Only," Jones explained. "I used to use it for an alarm timer in Moon, and an ring tone in Source Code. In fact, I convinced him to write it as bard for World of Warcraft ."

"We weren't able to keep it from being cut. However, perhaps I'll get it into the Twitterverse... The singer made an World of Warcraft -medievally version of his single, and it's just brilliant. Unfortunately , I was the only one to think it was hilarious."

For the question of whether there will ever be an extended version of World of Warcraft that contains this Easter egg , as well as added scenes Jones explained that the answer is contingent on the outcome of the film.

"There will not be an extended cut unless the theatre does very well." The actor explained this on Twitter. "That is just the nature it is."

World of Warcraft opened in international markets this week, earning $31.6 million, according to Deadline. The US release is scheduled for 10 June However, the film cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold is not expected to hit the top of the charts.

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