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Canberra, 2617

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To provide best service to the customer and Keep city clean and pest free

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18/10 Thynne St,, Bruce ACT
Bruce ACT
Canberra, 2617

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Monday to Saturday 9 Am to 6 PM
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About Upkeepcity


Our mission is to deliver services at home to customers in a very convenient way. Customer satisfaction is our main priority. No second thoughts about it. We promise you once you hire us, you will get the following benefits.


*Eco-Friendly Chemicals:

We restrict the use of harsh chemicals.

*Experienced Team:

Experience stimulates employee engagement.

*Professional Equipment:

We use the most certified and quality equipment.

*Lowest Priced:

We are competing against our quality and your 


The Upkeepcity cleaning team has the experience, energy, and great attitude to make your property clean.

Whether it is for commercial cleaning, construction final cleaning, disinfecting cleaning, event cleaning, regular house cleaning, spring cleaning, or end-of-lease cleaning in Canberra surrounding we do it all. Book for your next cleaning in Canberra!


Services Provide:

1. Carpet Cleaning

2. Mould cleaning

3. Carpet Repair

4. Carpet Stretching

5. Possum Remove

6. Pest Control

Upkeepcity Articles

Carpet Repairs vs Replacement: Which is the Better Option?

IntroductionCarpets play a crucial role in enhancing our homes’ aesthetic appeal and comfort. However, carpets can become worn, damaged, or stained over time, requiring attention....

Posted by Upkeepcity on 09/21/2023

Is patched carpet noticeable?

A fully carpeted floor looks lovely in any residence or business establishment. Entering a space with carpeted flooring gives off a unique feeling. However, the cost of maintaining...

Posted by Upkeepcity on 09/18/2023

Why You Should Never Use Bleach for Mould Removal?

Bleach has been the standard treatment for mould removal for many years. In actuality, many cleaning websites continue to advise it. But here is why bleach is ineffective for...

Posted by Upkeepcity on 09/16/2023

Top Natural Ways to Get Rid of Mould

Four main natural cleaning products can help you get rid of  Mould/Mold. Depending on your mould situation and what you have on hand, these can be used in isolation or together.1....

Posted by Upkeepcity on 09/14/2023

Sparkling Solutions: The Top Benefits Of Professional Gutter Cleaning in Canberra

Gutters are an integral part of your home’s drainage system, responsible for directing rainwater away from your property. This simple function has far-reaching implications for...

Posted by Upkeepcity on 09/13/2023

Carpet Cleaning Secrets: Uncover the Hidden Tricks for a Spotless Home!

Having clean carpets not only enhances the appearance of your home but also contributes to a healthier environment. However, achieving spotless carpets can be daunting without the...

Posted by Upkeepcity on 09/12/2023

Possum Invasion Alert! 7 Genius Hacks to Remove and Prevent Unwanted Furry Visitors

IntroductionPossums, with their adorable appearance and furry tails, can be charming creatures when observed from a distance. However, when these nocturnal creatures invade our homes...

Posted by Upkeepcity on 09/11/2023

The Mould Menace: Exposing the Hidden Dangers and Expert Solutions

IntroductionMould can be a silent intruder in our homes, lurking in the corners and crevices, causing potential harm to both our health and property. In this blog, we will explore...

Posted by Upkeepcity on 09/10/2023

Revive Your Flooring: The Ultimate Guide to Carpet Repair in Canberra

Carpets have long been a symbol of comfort, warmth, and luxury in our homes and offices. They provide a soft underfoot, insulation, and a touch of elegance to any space they adorn....

Posted by Upkeepcity on 09/08/2023

Best Way to Clean a Rug by Hand.

IntroductionKeeping your rug clean and well-maintained is essential for both its longevity and the overall cleanliness of your home. While there are various methods for rug cleaning,...

Posted by Upkeepcity on 09/05/2023

Revolutionize Your Home with Professional Carpet Cleaning in Canberra – A Must-Know Guide!

Introduction to professional carpet cleaning1. Understanding the importance of clean carpetsYour home’s carpets aren’t just there for aesthetic appeal; they serve as a...

Posted by Upkeepcity on 09/04/2023

What makes a great carpet cleaner?

Dozens of carpet-cleaning companies are operating in the market, but not all are equal. The challenge is to find experts who are committed to their craft and will work hard on a top-quality...

Posted by Upkeepcity on 09/01/2023

Points to Keep Your Carpets Fresh and Clean After the Professional Cleaning.

The best way to save your carpets after they’ve been gutted by a professional is to keep them as clean as possible. Despite the fact that you can not anticipate your house to...

Hiring a Professional Cleaner is a Good Idea! Here’s Why

Keeping your house sparkling clean takes a lot of time and effort. Doing the daily chores is not enough to keep your home in shape. Eventually, you’ll need to deep clean your...

Posted by Upkeepcity on 08/30/2023

How do you get rid of mould permanently?

If your home is suffering from mould as a result of condensation and dampness, it is important to understand that bleach and household products are not effective mould removal...

Dealing with Mould in Rental Properties: Tenant Rights and Prevention Tips.

Managing mould in rental properties can be a challenging situation for both landlords and tenants. Determining responsibility for the mould issue and addressing it promptly can...

Understanding the Cost of Possum Removal in Australia.

Australia is known for its unique wildlife, and one creature that often finds its way into urban areas is the possum. While these furry marsupials can be charming, they can also become...

To Help Your Carpets Looks Cleaner, Here Are Five Pro Tips To Help You:

1. Groom Them Regularly Taking your pet to the groomer regularly can do a lot to take care of slipping and losing fur. The groomer will also crop their nails, lowering the threat...

You Should Always Go With The Best Home Cleaning Services In Canberra.

Today, keeping your house clean is just as critical as eating three times a day. Nowadays, when COVID and its various variants are at their peak, this is a task that cannot...

Where To Look For A Carpet Cleaner In Canberra?

In Canberra, not all carpet cleaners are the same! It’s essential to hire a carpet cleaning company to ensure your floors are always clean and pristine.What are your options...

How Do Professionals Clean Gutters?: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction:A well-maintained home extends beyond its interiors, encompassing the exterior aspects that shield it from the elements. One such essential exterior component is the gutter...

Posted by Upkeepcity on 08/21/2023

Reasons To Hire A Professional Upholstery Cleaner In Canberra.

Whenever you need an upholstery cleaner in Canberra, hire a professional! The deep cleaning that professional upholstery cleaning provides can’t be achieved with a regular...

Unveiling the Secrets: Top 9 Ultimate Guidance to Achieve Spotless Carpets!

Clean and well-maintained carpets are pivotal in creating a healthy and comfortable living environment. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, carpets provide warmth, sound insulation, and...

How to Repair Carpet Damage Caused by Pets: A Comprehensive Guide

IntroductionOur furry companions bring immeasurable joy and love into our lives, but they can also inadvertently leave their mark on our homes. One common challenge pet owners face...

10 Best Gutter Cleaning Tools For 2023.

 1. Gutter Cleaning Robot:Gutter cleaning robots are innovative tools designed to make gutter maintenance easier and more efficient. These robots are equipped with tank-like treads...

Signs Your Carpet Needs a Deep Clean

Signs Your Carpet Needs a Deep CleanIf you can’t see it, your carpet might be dirtier than it appears. Over time, dust mites, pet hair, and other allergens can accumulate,...

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Upkeepcity - Long-Lasting Freshness for Your Carpet

Upkeepcity is a well-known establishment which acts as a one-stop destination servicing customers to meet their cleaning requirements....

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18/10 Thynne St, Bruce ACT 2617

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