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10219 Trailmoor Rd
Charlotte, 28278

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goMDnow Drug Test Centers offers nationwide drug and alcohol testing for employers, DOT, legal requirements, and individuals. 

Order online or call 866-566-0261.

Health & Medical, Diagnostic Services, Laboratory Testing,goMDnow, DOT consortium, Drug testing, breath alcohol test, Physical Exam, Return to Duty Process

DOT Drug & Alcohol Consortium

DOT/Non-DOT medical exams

DOT/Non-DOT drug screenings

DOT/Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Test

goMDnow Articles

The differences between DOT and non-DOT drug testing: what employers need to know?

Drug testing is a common practice used by employers to ensure a safe and productive workforce. However, not all drug testing is the same. There are two main types of drug testing:...

DOT Urine Test Facts You Need to Know

With every passing day, there is a rapid increase in people traveling from one point to another. There is a huge responsibility to drive safely so that the rate of accidents can be...

The benefits of participating in the DOT Drug & Alcohol Consortium

Participating in the Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug & Alcohol Consortium is an important way for employers and individuals to stay up to date with regulations regarding...

Posted by goMDnow on 12/28/2022

The Best Ways to Prepare for Your Return to Duty

The best way to prepare for your return to duty is to make a plan in advance. Take the time to thoroughly review your job description and any new procedures or protocols that may have...

The Return-to-Duty Process - Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse

Return-to-duty-process (RTD) is a critical process in ensuring the safety of personnel and locations that may be at risk of accidents or incidents caused by drug or alcohol use or...

5 Ways the Random Testing Consortium Can Improve Your Business

If you're looking for an organization with a true passion for testing, there's no need to look any further than The Random Testing Consortium!Ways Random Testing Consortium...

Types of Drug Tests

When twinkles count, LabCorp’s rapid-fire test programs offer medicines of abuse webbing that's rapid-fire and dependable.  Rapid tests point- of- collection testing(...

How Random Testing Consortium Works?

In order to test its members for drugs and alcohol in accordance with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, companies or groups of employers form a consortium known as a...

Posted by goMDnow on 12/05/2022

How to Master Urine Drug Test Full Service in Simple Steps?

As a business owner or employee, it is important to know how to pass a urine drug test. While there are many methods and techniques that can be used to pass urine tests, the best way...

The Most Innovative Things Happening with Urine Drug Test Full Service

There are a lot of innovative things happening with urine drug testing services, which is why this type of testing is becoming more popular. One example is the development of ultra-...

Things People don't know about the Random Testing Consortium?

What is Random Consortium?Random Testing Consortium is a global nonprofit organization that connects researchers, educators, business people, and the general public with opportunities...

What Not to do in the DOT Consortium Drug Industry?

If you want to work in the DOT Drug & Alcohol Consortium industry, it's important to know what NOT to do. Here are six mistakes in this article that will get you fired:1. Don't...

Posted by goMDnow on 11/22/2022

Where can you get clear results of RTD process?

Return to Duty means somebody failed a drug or alcohol test and they need to get back to work now. This means a couple of different things, for example; If an employee is regulated...

Why It's Important to Conduct Dot Consortium Drug and Alcohol Tests?

Over 74% of illegal drug users are employed, according to the National Drug-Free Workplace Consortium. About 40% of all workplace fatalities in the US are caused by these drug-using...

Return to Duty Process

There are many factors that influence the decision to return to duty process, and every situation is the best. In order for you to be prepared and able to deal with any potential issues...

Alcohol Testing Consortium & DOT Drug — Enroll Now

Our Programs:Register into a random drug and alcohol testing consortiumUrinary-employment drug testPre-employment query — FMCSA ClearinghouseSame day serviceOur pricing is competitive...

Consortium And Random Testing

Drug testing consortiums are often random testing pools made up of multiple employers. Each employer-member of the consortium adds its employees to the pool. A random selection of...

What is TPA – C/TPA?

So, what is a TPA or third-party administrator in the drug and alcohol testing industry? Simply put, TPA is an organization that provides direct and administrative services to help...

Lowest Price DOT Consortium

Random SelectiongoMDnow will help you in the DOT Random Selection process for Drug and Alcohol Testing ComplianceYou need DOT Alliance drug and alcohol testing services to make...

What is a random test Consortium?

When conducting drug testing, it is common for many companies to engage in joint testing. The employees of the companies involved in the consortium are stored in the collective pool....

Why would I select goMDnow?

goMDnow has the most advance online system in the market with experienced operational staff and in-house MRO’s. Employees are friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. They...

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Drug Testing Lowest Price in the Market goMDnow

goMDnow Drug Test Centers offers nationwide drug and alcohol testing for employers, DOT, legal requirements, and individuals.Order online or call 866-566-0261.goMDnow...

Posted by goMDnow on

10219 Trailmoor Rd, Charlotte, NC 28278

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