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Posted by Jane Hamilton Pilates on 08/18/2022

Pilates Classes - Online
Online by Zoom


Since COVID-19, Jane Hamilton Pilates has been offering its Pilates classes online.  Once the COVID restrictions were lifted, Jane's clients requested that they continue with online classes. All classes are small and suitable for adults of all ages and levels of ability. Jane will provide individual feedback and support so that you don't need to worry about doing any moves incorrectly or causing yourself further injury. 

By practising Pilates regularly you will become stronger, leaner, and more flexible.  Pilates can also help alleviate many aches and pains such as neck pain, backache and hip problems. 

The benefit of an online Pilates class is that you can take it during your lunch hour without having to travel anywhere or while your dinner is cooking. All you need is a space for a mat or a towel and a Zoom connection. 


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